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    What are the best HD settings for church streaming?

    Hi everyone, I run the online stream for my church and I'm an amateur when it comes to OBS. We're currently streaming our services on YouTube using a Canon M50 and the EOS webcam utility via USB. We've managed to have a smooth stream on 720p, but if we go any higher in the OBS settings the...
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    Live Stream and Recording Stops

    Hello, So, I use OBS to live stream church services but every time I push start live, it goes live for 2-3 minutes and than just STOPS! I am using Facebook Live and it connects and goes live for 2-3 minutes and than it just stops. It never says that frames are dropping but it keeps stopping...
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    OBS Lua OBS Lyrics 2.0.0

    An OBS Lua script for managing and displaying lyrics to any text source in your OBS scene. PLEASE NOTE: All documentation has moved to A huge thanks to DCStrato for mostly taking over this project and taxilian for his contributions as well. God bless...
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    Question / Help Streaming with XA15 and Elgato HD60S+ in OBS - Very Choppy/Losing 65% of frames

    I recently setup live streaming for my church and we are having some issues with choppyness. I am filling with a Canon XA15. That runs into an Elgato HD60S+ which I am picking up in OBS Studio. The main problem I am having is that the image is choppy. When I look at the stats it says I am...