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    Live Stream and Recording Stops

    Hello, So, I use OBS to live stream church services but every time I push start live, it goes live for 2-3 minutes and than just STOPS! I am using Facebook Live and it connects and goes live for 2-3 minutes and than it just stops. It never says that frames are dropping but it keeps stopping...
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    OBS Lua OBS Lyrics 1.4.0

    How to use: Download the script and open it with OBS. Add some songs to the script and save them. Select the text source for displaying the lyrics. Set the amount of lines to display, default is 2. Optionally, you can setup hotkeys to control the lyrics display. Select a song from the song...
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    Question / Help Streaming with XA15 and Elgato HD60S+ in OBS - Very Choppy/Losing 65% of frames

    I recently setup live streaming for my church and we are having some issues with choppyness. I am filling with a Canon XA15. That runs into an Elgato HD60S+ which I am picking up in OBS Studio. The main problem I am having is that the image is choppy. When I look at the stats it says I am...