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Display Lyrics as Subtitles

Step 1: Install the script
First, go the OBS Lyrics script and download the zip file. Extract it and inside you will find a lyrics.lua file. Add that file to your OBS scripts and open up the script properties.

Step 2: Add a song
Now, you can open the script properties and you find that you can add a title and text for a song. Add your lyrics exactly the way you want them displayed. The lyrics will be displayed line by line.
step 1.png

Step 3: Add a text source
Now, go to your scene and add a text source.
add text.png

You can edit the text source however you would like. Below I show an example of how my subtitles are formatted. Edit the properties by right clicking on your text source and selecting Properties. Set all your properties here, and set the desired font size by clicking on the Select font button. I keep my font size at 72. Here is what I keep the rest of my properties set to:
text source props.png

You also need to edit the transform of the text source to make sure it stays centered when displaying lyrics of varying length and varying amounts of lines. To edit the transform, right click on the text source and go to Tranform -> Edit transform... The size will change depending on the text that is displayed, so you don't have to touch that.
text source transform.png

This gives you text that looks like this:
text sample.png

Step 4: Choose your text source and lines to display
Go back to your script settings, and select your new text source and the amount of lines to display at a time.
lines and source.png

Step 5: Set your hotkeys
Go to Settings -> Hotkeys and set up the hotkeys you want to use to advance and hide/show lyrics.

Step 6: Prepare a song
When you add a song, it gets saved to your song directory. But, if you want to actually display a song, you have to select your desired song from the directory and click the Prepare Song button. The prepared songs drop down will be populated with songs that you have prepared for the session.
preparing a song.png

Step 7: Try it out
Prepare your songs, close your script properties, and go to the scene that will be displaying your lyrics.

Practice showing and hiding your lyrics. Practice going forward and going back through the lyrics of a song. Do this with the song playing, so you get a feel for what it will be like doing this live.

Things to know
  • If you keep clicking after the end of a song, the next song in your Prepared Songs list will be displayed.
  • The lyrics are saved to text files on your local drive. For Windows, this location is C:\Users\USER\.config\.obs_lyrics. On Linux/Mac, it is /home/USER/.config/.obs_lyrics.
  • You can prepare a line to be displayed on its own by adding ### after it. E.g. This line will be displayed alone ###
  • You can add comments anywhere in a song using //. E.g. This text will be displayed // this text only I can see. Comments are not displayed as part of your lyrics.
Good luck to you and God bless you.
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If want to use subtitles say for a hymn in livstream a service this is a very handy tool to synch the subtitles with the actual live song manually
As a musician, I've been looking for a solution to display the name of the current song I'm performing while advancing to the next song with a single key press. I looked forever (prior to June when you created this thing). And now I finally found my answer! Exactly what I needed--thank you so much!
Awesome tool, will definitely be using this come Sunday