1. tosin789

    Free Free OBS Bible PLUGIN 1.1.3

    This is a free bible plugin that you can use to display bible passages. It is available in English ( and in French ( You can check my Github page for whichever one you want (Github Page). I also welcome active contributions to the GitHub repository. OBS...
  2. Joshua Moochooram

    OpenSong Controller 1.1

    This is a custom plugin that I made for OBS Studio to integrate OpenSong directly into OBS Studio. It is inspired from OpenSong Controller by goorkamateusz which unfortunately did not meet my requirements, so I decided to create my own plugin to better suit my needs. Notice: This is still a...
  3. Reaby

    Free loistoTXT 2021-03-20

    loistoTXT, a nodejs app and an overall solution to add subtitles or lyrics and lower 3rd's to your livestream. For a quick start guide see: The subtitles operator may as well change OBS scenes from the remote tablet or PC and control venue...
  4. A

    Using OpenLP Interface for Lyrics

    Hello, in this guide I'll explain how to use the OBS-OpenLP Interface tool to display text from songs that you are presenting on OpenLP as subtitles in your stream. Setting up OpenLP Set up the tool First, in OpenLP, go to Settings -> Manage Plugins and make sure to enable the Remote plugin...
  5. A

    Display Lyrics as Subtitles

    Step 1: Install the script First, go the OBS Lyrics script and download the zip file. Extract it and inside you will find a lyrics.lua file. Add that file to your OBS scripts and open up the script properties. Step 2: Add a song Now, you can open the script properties and you find that you can...
  6. A

    Non-OBS Script OBS-OpenLP Lyrics Interface 1.4.4

    This is a custom stage for OpenLP. It can be connected to OBS as a custom browser dock and browser source, allowing you to display lyrics that appear on your slides in OBS. Setup Adding the Custom Stage View In OpenLP, make sure to enable the Remote plugin. Go to the OpenLP data folder through...
  7. A

    OBS Lua OBS Lyrics 2.0.0

    An OBS Lua script for managing and displaying lyrics to any text source in your OBS scene. PLEASE NOTE: All documentation has moved to A huge thanks to DCStrato for mostly taking over this project and taxilian for his contributions as well. God bless...
  8. G

    Question / Help New Starter-Lyrics on Screen

    Hi, Apologies, i'm very green and i'm trying to teach myself a new skill (cue many OBS-savants rolling their eyes perhaps?!) I am trying to learn how to use OBS Studio on MAC so i can help some of my former colleagues in the entertainment industry create content.n es the chorus One wishes to...
  9. JStark

    OBS Lua Lyrics Display 0.2

    This script is able to update a text (GDI+) source based on lines in a text file. It's designed to take lyrics from a text file and display them. It's configurable to display any number of lines from the text file at one time. Set hotkeys in settings to scroll through the lyrics.
  10. LONY_

    OBS Lyrics Music

    Hello, I often sing with my friends live and I would like to find a program or script that makes it possible to have the lyrics of the music, either automatically or manually by entering the lyrics of the music into the program and changing the line with keys on the keyboard. It's not very...