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Apologies, i'm very green and i'm trying to teach myself a new skill (cue many OBS-savants rolling their eyes perhaps?!)

I am trying to learn how to use OBS Studio on MAC so i can help some of my former colleagues in the entertainment industry create content.n es the chorus

One wishes to create the ability to stream with 'online lyrics' for people to join in the choruses at home as part of a charity night.

I've read the guides, played about and managed to work to get text files into scenes.
That said, automation of transitions isn't seemingly present. I thought this would be a manual process but then found hope with a plugin i found lingering on Github. It's two years old (Lyricbud for the curious) and is over two years old. Safe to say it doesn't work, it's not comparable with studio or Mac (or i'm being damn thick!)

Is there a plugin, or a way that i can set up scenes to transition automatically with the next lyrics on as they live stream?
Or is it just a case of manually building scenes and then syncing my transition trigger finger to move it along with the music they are playing through a live PA?

If so, can i simply just set up the scenes, broadcast the stream to FB and manage the transitions while they sing and it will overlay the text on the streaming video from our camera? Or will i have to set the video output parameters with room underneath for the lyrics to appear?

Thank you in advance for your guidance.

PS- Or do i have to go down the route of software integration from a church/bible company like Hillsong use?