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  1. gujaratigauravchannel

    OBS restarts streaming on youtube on a new link when the network disconnects. How can I maintain the same link?

    OBS restarts live streaming on youtube on a new link when the network disconnects and reconnects. How can I maintain streaming on the same link?
  2. E

    Stream disconnecting and reconnecting every 10 to 15 mins while streaming on Youtube

    It's been almost a year now since I have been live streaming on Youtube. But recently I discovered the Stream disconnecting and reconnecting after every 10 to 15 mins. I have watched various tutorials to fix this but none worked. I have searched for a solution on the Obs forum but couldn't get...
  3. C

    Do I need a video capture card to live-stream a dance performance using OBS?

    Thank you for your insight! I believe we plan to use our Canon 5D Mark IV, Mac laptops with the Canon Webcam Utility to enable the camera, into OBS, and out via ZOOM. I am trying to understand if it is best to include a video capture card or if it is needed. It seems like OBS negates the need...
  4. J

    Live stream not appearing

    I've clicked to go live on twitch on OBS but it doesnt say im live on twitch. Any help would be much appreciated
  5. J

    Pause/suspend live stream, maintain NDI output signal?

    Hello all, I know the typical solution for a break in a live stream is putting up a "Be back soon" slide or something of the sort, but my situation is a little unusual. My setup: Since COVID hit, our church has started live streaming to Facebook. Also, since we are a small church and don't...
  6. J

    Live stream iPhone 11/Samsung Note HDMI to OBS via capture card

    Hello Everyone, We are using Sony Camera + HDMI Capture card + OBS Studio to perform the Live stream in YouTube. Now, I would like to try Live streaming through OBS Studio capture card from iPhone 11/Samsung Note. We use Ctype to HDMI converter to Capture card but OBS does not show video when...
  7. P

    Advice on streaming live video from periscope

    Hi, Not sure if right thread - looking for advice on how to stream live video from periscope as source into OBS then back out into periscope/YouTube with added graphics/Titles ect - can this be done? thanks in advance
  8. T

    OBS causing internet to stop working

    eveytime i do Live streaming and if i open youtube or anything to do with internet my obs get disconnect and my pc net down for min sometime its naver come back.... i have to restart my pc to get my net back.... my net is fast and i dont get any net problem i just get disconnect if i use obs +...
  9. A

    Canon M50 with OBS

    Hi there, New to this forum so sorry if this has already been answered. I have the canon m50 and I'm wanting to use it as my webcam fo relive streaming. I have tried the Canon WEB utility but it doesn't show in OBS for some reason. I just get a black screen... Maybe I'm using the wrong cable...
  10. J

    Question / Help Auto text input from barcode scanner

    I have a question about auto updating text from file when file changes, not just when file saves. I am using obs to stream to Facebook for sales, and I am looking for the best way to auto update a text overlay with data I put in with a handheld barcode scanner. Example, I have a product...
  11. H

    Question / Help OBS and ATEM Television Studio Mixer

    Hi, Has anybody ever used OBS studio to live stream video from the ATEM Television Studio from Black Magic Design? The mixer has a USB output, that normally is used to record video to the Media Express program, but when I plug it in, OBS can not recognize the video stream and therefore does...
  12. G

    Question / Help New Starter-Lyrics on Screen

    Hi, Apologies, i'm very green and i'm trying to teach myself a new skill (cue many OBS-savants rolling their eyes perhaps?!) I am trying to learn how to use OBS Studio on MAC so i can help some of my former colleagues in the entertainment industry create content.n es the chorus One wishes to...
  13. S

    Question / Help Forwarding pre-recorded video during livestream in Youtube?

    I was recently running a prerecorded video, about 25 minutes in, and bumped by mouse, which clicked on the next scene. i went back to the video but it restarted from the beginning. NOTE: this was during a live stream! Is there a way to advance the video in OBS Studio to the place where I...
  14. M

    Question / Help srt live stream wont start

    I have been unable to start an srt live stream on obs. It worked earlier today and i changed nothing but it suddenly stopped working. I would appreciate some help resolving this problem :). Logs below
  15. T

    Can someone please reference me to some code that would only capture audio?

    Hi guys! I'm building a new product, and I need to stream the audio only - live. Reason being mostly bandwidth usage, so I need the video to not be processed at all by my server. My back end skills are still not great. I can understand some, but don't know my way around writing the needed code...
  16. M

    Question / Help Obs is not letting me Stream in 1080p only 360p...

    How do I fix this? I tried everything changing the canvas and output res around, Encoder software x264 to Hardware which is AMD for me! I ran it in Administer mode, Unstalling it and Reinstalling it etc! I'm running an Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7400 CPU @ 3.00GHz, Windows 10, Radeon Rx 480.
  17. L

    Question / Help Window Capture not finding Powerpoint?

    Hello All I hope your all well and good. Im trying to setup live lessons for children on youtube. I've watched a tone of Youtube vids on how to setup a powerpoint on my obs youtube live stream. Unfortunately when i try to window capture my powerpoint presentation doesn't appear as a option...
  18. G

    Question / Help Best Proccessor

    Hello. I am getting a new desktop for my church and it has a i5-9400 T proccessor (9th Generation) which has 1.80 GHz, 8GB RAM and Intel UHD Graphics 630. I want to know if the processor will be enough and if it will stream smoothly.
  19. V1TAL1TY

    Question / Help OBS Live Streaming Settings for Facebook

    Hello, I am a gamer and streaming online on Facebook but lately, I am having an issue with my streaming as video quality that I set is not coming out at other ends. I have downloaded the same content and run and it is quite messy as the standard of 1080p. I have really good internet and Ryzen 5...
  20. H

    Question / Help getting approx 40 sec lag in live video streaming

    Hello, I am new to this OBS stuff,I am sharing obs logs,can anyone suggest solution.....I am getting approx 40 sec lag with following configuration......thanks.