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  1. M

    Live stream stop trim on facebook

    Hello there.. I need a help.. Im a gamer... Actually i saw some of streamer they make live stemming but i can't trim while the live stemming. I couldn’t go back to see his 1/2 minute. There was no trining sing. How to they do that? I want to do same thing... If you know this setting please...
  2. S

    I do live stream on OBS and sometimes it goes red signal in the health bar and doesnt recover back!

    For your easy reference i will share the logfile, please let me know what makes it go red health all the time. Sometimes it is green and sometimes it gets red. May I know what makes this issue. The logfile can be fetched from the following link
  3. F

    Interactive live stream

    I would like to make a live stream video on Obs but is it possible for people to interact by writing on the live stream so everybody can see preferably on the video itself
  4. mrlewismharris

    OBS "Media Source" network source glitch When viewing a network stream in OBS using the "media source" input, there's some weird glitching that doesn't occur on other stream views as you can see in the video. The log files do not indicate any errors or warnings (or any information at all...
  5. sammieko

    opinions about streaming games from iphone ( ios ) to obs?

    Hello everyone, i am curious on wich is the best way to stream my iphone screen intro obs on my laptop? I've been trying a couple of diffrent ways, like a rtmp stream through my network and screen mirror applications,but still ain't really satisfied, tips ? My stream seems to go intro...
  6. gujaratigauravchannel

    OBS restarts streaming on youtube on a new link when the network disconnects. How can I maintain the same link?

    OBS restarts live streaming on youtube on a new link when the network disconnects and reconnects. How can I maintain streaming on the same link?
  7. E

    Stream disconnecting and reconnecting every 10 to 15 mins while streaming on Youtube

    It's been almost a year now since I have been live streaming on Youtube. But recently I discovered the Stream disconnecting and reconnecting after every 10 to 15 mins. I have watched various tutorials to fix this but none worked. I have searched for a solution on the Obs forum but couldn't get...
  8. C

    Do I need a video capture card to live-stream a dance performance using OBS?

    Thank you for your insight! I believe we plan to use our Canon 5D Mark IV, Mac laptops with the Canon Webcam Utility to enable the camera, into OBS, and out via ZOOM. I am trying to understand if it is best to include a video capture card or if it is needed. It seems like OBS negates the need...
  9. J

    Live stream not appearing

    I've clicked to go live on twitch on OBS but it doesnt say im live on twitch. Any help would be much appreciated
  10. J

    Pause/suspend live stream, maintain NDI output signal?

    Hello all, I know the typical solution for a break in a live stream is putting up a "Be back soon" slide or something of the sort, but my situation is a little unusual. My setup: Since COVID hit, our church has started live streaming to Facebook. Also, since we are a small church and don't...
  11. J

    Live stream iPhone 11/Samsung Note HDMI to OBS via capture card

    Hello Everyone, We are using Sony Camera + HDMI Capture card + OBS Studio to perform the Live stream in YouTube. Now, I would like to try Live streaming through OBS Studio capture card from iPhone 11/Samsung Note. We use Ctype to HDMI converter to Capture card but OBS does not show video when...
  12. P

    Advice on streaming live video from periscope

    Hi, Not sure if right thread - looking for advice on how to stream live video from periscope as source into OBS then back out into periscope/YouTube with added graphics/Titles ect - can this be done? thanks in advance
  13. T

    OBS causing internet to stop working

    eveytime i do Live streaming and if i open youtube or anything to do with internet my obs get disconnect and my pc net down for min sometime its naver come back.... i have to restart my pc to get my net back.... my net is fast and i dont get any net problem i just get disconnect if i use obs +...
  14. A

    Canon M50 with OBS

    Hi there, New to this forum so sorry if this has already been answered. I have the canon m50 and I'm wanting to use it as my webcam fo relive streaming. I have tried the Canon WEB utility but it doesn't show in OBS for some reason. I just get a black screen... Maybe I'm using the wrong cable...
  15. J

    Question / Help Auto text input from barcode scanner

    I have a question about auto updating text from file when file changes, not just when file saves. I am using obs to stream to Facebook for sales, and I am looking for the best way to auto update a text overlay with data I put in with a handheld barcode scanner. Example, I have a product...
  16. H

    Question / Help OBS and ATEM Television Studio Mixer

    Hi, Has anybody ever used OBS studio to live stream video from the ATEM Television Studio from Black Magic Design? The mixer has a USB output, that normally is used to record video to the Media Express program, but when I plug it in, OBS can not recognize the video stream and therefore does...
  17. G

    Question / Help New Starter-Lyrics on Screen

    Hi, Apologies, i'm very green and i'm trying to teach myself a new skill (cue many OBS-savants rolling their eyes perhaps?!) I am trying to learn how to use OBS Studio on MAC so i can help some of my former colleagues in the entertainment industry create content.n es the chorus One wishes to...
  18. S

    Question / Help Forwarding pre-recorded video during livestream in Youtube?

    I was recently running a prerecorded video, about 25 minutes in, and bumped by mouse, which clicked on the next scene. i went back to the video but it restarted from the beginning. NOTE: this was during a live stream! Is there a way to advance the video in OBS Studio to the place where I...
  19. M

    Question / Help srt live stream wont start

    I have been unable to start an srt live stream on obs. It worked earlier today and i changed nothing but it suddenly stopped working. I would appreciate some help resolving this problem :). Logs below
  20. T

    Can someone please reference me to some code that would only capture audio?

    Hi guys! I'm building a new product, and I need to stream the audio only - live. Reason being mostly bandwidth usage, so I need the video to not be processed at all by my server. My back end skills are still not great. I can understand some, but don't know my way around writing the needed code...