Pause/suspend live stream, maintain NDI output signal?


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Hello all,

I know the typical solution for a break in a live stream is putting up a "Be back soon" slide or something of the sort, but my situation is a little unusual.

My setup: Since COVID hit, our church has started live streaming to Facebook. Also, since we are a small church and don't have a very big sanctuary, we have an overflow area set up in another room in the church. This allows folks that choose to come in person to spread out more (when regulations allow it). I'm using the NDI plugin to send the main OBS output to the overflow room.

My problem: Occasionally we share updates from missionaries that cannot be posted online. When this happens, I put up a slide and cut audio until the update is over, but this also affects the feed to the overflow.

My question: Is there any way to suspend the live stream temporarily without cutting the video/audio? I'm thinking something in the OBS to Facebook hand-off that would make Facebook think it was still receiving the stream, even if it's just a blank video?

Or does anyone have another idea that would fit the bill?



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I have the same problem.
My setup is moving toward to machines one OBS (A) the other Faithlife Proclaim (B). We have on camera C, a projector P, a confidence monitor on the "back wall" D, and TVs E &F on opposite farther ends of the church, and our mixer M.

I plan to use a 4x4 matrix switcher with HDBase-T support and receivers. This way I can run my streaming output (As), Proclaim Slide & Confidence output (Bp, Bd), and Camera C (via loop-back/monitoring output from capture module) through the switcher. P, D, E, F are receivers from the switcher.
Normal service activies: As->E & F
Protected service activities (missionary updates, invitation, meetings): C+M->E & F

if need be, Proclaim can capture video & audio too (I use the audio to record sermons) so that output could be sent to the TVs. Proclaim also supports NDI output, so one could always have a lowers thirds type composition running in Proclaim that is sent out via NDI to your other displays.
And OBS only handles the stream composition of Camera , Slides, Lower thirds, etc.