Stream disconnecting and reconnecting every 10 to 15 mins while streaming on Youtube


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It's been almost a year now since I have been live streaming on Youtube. But recently I discovered the Stream disconnecting and reconnecting after every 10 to 15 mins.

I have watched various tutorials to fix this but none worked. I have searched for a solution on the Obs forum but couldn't get an answer. I have tried every possible setting but Nah none worked.

Attaching below the log report. I hope someone could help me after viewing the log report. I just want my stream to work well. My viewers are upset because of the jump cuts. Please help me through this problem.

Thank you.


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You followed ?

That is a low-end CPU, optimized for low power consumption not performance, and certainly not the computationally demanding task of real-time video encoding. And you don't have a GPU to do encoding offload .. so set your expectations accordingly.... maybe 60fps is a bit much? and color correction? do you understand the CPU requirements of these?

I recommend monitoring hardware resource (CPU, GPU, RAM, etc) utilization [for ex. using Task manager’s Performance tab and/or Resource Monitor] to see if your system is being maxed out with your settings (I'm suspecting it is)

You have audio at 2 different sampling rates. best to stop/fix that

07:04:42.550: Output 'simple_stream': Number of lagged frames due to rendering lag/stalls: 11755 (34.0%)
there are some bandwidth contention issues, but I suspect your CPU is pegged at 100% and that is the reason

Your settings appear to be for a more powerful computer than what you have, and I'm sorry if this is news to you. And I'm not sure where you've been looking, but my above notes (which I learned from others) are posted all over this forum... so maybe time to adjust where you are looking and whose advice your are following?

You have a couple of options
- get a more powerful computer, though a GPU with NVENC might suffice (just hard to get at the moment at a reasonable price.. see threads on recommendation of GTX 1650 Super or better, and why that card /chip vs other older GPUs)
- optimize your OS and OBS for an under-powered system. It will most likely be best if you did both OS and OBS (vs one or the other)
For your system, research optimizing Intel's quicksync video encoding options (as well as the caveats). And by optimizing, that will mean lowering settings to be less resource consumptive, and that means you may have to give up certain things (like OS eye candy, background processes, high FPS, or ???)... what exactly? it depends