obs stuttering while stream!


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Hi guys, i'm italian and not speak english very well...my setting are:
cpu: ryzen 7 3700x
gpu: gtx 1070 (i wait 3080.......)
ram: ddr4 32gb 3200mhz
Windows 10 64bit
motherboard: x570 aorus elite
monitor: lg27gl850 144hz g sync monitor and second monitor for chat, obs, asus 144hz fullhd

my obs setting:
i try with nvenc but with this cpu i choose the cpu.

rescale output off
CBR, 4500 Kbps
key frame 0
cpu preset: medium
profile: main


resolution: 2560x1440
resolution scale: 1280x720
scaling resize filter: bicubic
fps: 60

priority process: above normal (now i put normal)

for example, this is my last live with modern warfare:

when i play, in my monitor not have lag or stuttering (game is perfect) but in the second monitor i see stuttering. obs not have lag encoding or other (always 0 drop frame)
my speedtest: 950mb/190mb

gaming mode and bar game turned off. i run administrator obs, i check last driver and obs is on last version.
in the settings of call of duty i cap my frame to 120 fps. i try to see my cpu usage and gpu usage with ctrl alt del when i strem and the cpu not go above 50%, gpu not go above 73/75%.

solutions? thanks and sorry for my english