modern warfare

  1. L

    I have a high-end pc and my recordings still look bad.

    Yes, I increased the bitrate + all other settings gradually before they result in a encoding overload. Specs: i7-9700K CPU @ 3.60GHz RTX 2060 Super OC Z390 Aorus pro 16gb ram More than adequate cooling Here is a recording with the settings, I even rendered according to YouTube's bitrate limits...
  2. G

    Obs and MW

    Recently I have not been able to join any and only MW lobby's, that be Multiplayer, or Warzone. Once we are in the lobby and loading into the level, at the top of the screen it will say "Match started, Level Loading". It will sit there for the rest of the time (usually kicks me after about 6...
  3. S

    obs stuttering while stream!

    Hi guys, i'm italian and not speak english very setting are: cpu: ryzen 7 3700x gpu: gtx 1070 (i wait 3080.......) ram: ddr4 32gb 3200mhz Windows 10 64bit motherboard: x570 aorus elite monitor: lg27gl850 144hz g sync monitor and second monitor for chat, obs, asus 144hz fullhd my obs...
  4. I

    Audio not in sync with gameplay (my setup)

    Hi I have a couple issues. I have the same Mac as you. I purchased a capture card which includes HDMI OUT, HDMI IN, USB 3.0, LINE IN, MIC IN, & AUDIO OUT (earphone). So my setup is HDMI IN (TV) to HDMI OUT (capture card). HDMI OUT (Xbox) to HDMI IN (capture card). USB 3.0 (capture card) to...
  5. PizzaPeter1998

    Question / Help Can't Get Modern Warfare Working In OBS

    For some reason I keep on having issues with trying to capture Modern Warfare with OBS and I don't know why. I'm having problems streaming it as well as recording it (not at the same time). I keep on getting skipped frames due to rendering and encoding lag all the time and I'm not sure what to...
  6. H

    Question / Help What do I need to change in my settings to get less choppy video recordings?

    Hello, I am trying to record gameplay on modern warfare. I am very new to this but I have followed numerous guides online and looked at youtube tutorials on this and I am getting highly confused. I run Modern Warfare on highest settings and get anywhere from 80+ FPS, sometimes up to 144, and no...
  7. DetroitSmash

    Question / Help OBS crashes only while streaming Call of Duty Modern Warfare using either NVENC or x264

    So I'm getting crashes from OBS whenever I stream CoD. My stream runs fine and then crashes without warning. Here are my pc specs: 16gb ram Gtx 1660 super 6gb Ryzen 3600 4.20ghz I'm not sure what's causing the issue but I have attached to crash logs. The older log is from a stream using x264...
  8. adirayarida

    Bug Report COD Error

    My game crashes everytime i open Streamlabs OBS so i need you help to fix it. Thank you here's a picture
  9. M

    Question / Help [FIX] Modern Warfare Crashes Alt+Tab w/ OBS in BG

    So to clear up the title: Modern Warfare is crashing whenever I Alt+Tab with OBS in the background. The game will boot and play normally with OBS in the background, it will also record normally; but it will crash when attempting to alt+tab with OBS in the background. I'm perfectly able to...
  10. D

    Question / Help Streaming modern warfare

    Everytime I Stream the new call of Duty modern warfare I get after few minutes an encoding error. What Can I do? Please help!