Question / Help What do I need to change in my settings to get less choppy video recordings?


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Hello, I am trying to record gameplay on modern warfare. I am very new to this but I have followed numerous guides online and looked at youtube tutorials on this and I am getting highly confused. I run Modern Warfare on highest settings and get anywhere from 80+ FPS, sometimes up to 144, and no matter what settings I use on OBS, I keep getting very choppy videos, even when I set it to scale to 720P, the videos are still choppy.
PC Specs:
CPU: i9-9900K
GPU: Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 TI

Below are my current settings, I have changed these a few times after watching the tutorials but the video output either doesn't change or gets worse.
Log File:

I have the exact same issue in streamlabs as well.

Any help/advice is greatly appreciated, thank you!


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Your recording looks perfect in the OBS logfile. No lost or lagged frames. Check the video with a decent video player like VLC or Media Player Classic. The built in Windows player isn't very good.