1. EnzoCast

    4K/60FPS Recording Settings?

    I'm looking to get the best 4K 60FPS recordings using my MacBook Pro - M2 Pro. I'm getting 3GB files that look decent, they're 4K dimensions, but the quality just isn't there. Here are my current settings - any advice would be welcomed.
  2. P

    Warzone Streaming settings

    Hi all, I hope your well am new to streaming, and want to start streaming my warzone gameplay when i do my videos go blurry/pixalated i want to know the best settings for 1080p 60fps or 1080p 30fps for fast pased games i see streamers with no problem so wondering what my problem is I have...
  3. P

    NVENC: is it possible to record two 4k monitors (7680 x 2160p) at 60 fps smoothly?

    Hello, I have two 4k monitors that I want to record side-by-side within a 7680 x 2160p canvas, no gaming, just desktop graphics (charts and text), is an RTX 3050 sufficient for this purpose? No streaming, just recording. HDD space is not an issue. I have attached logs from the attempts I've...
  4. LPDarkSoulsHD

    Recommended settings for better quality?

    Good evening, all. Can anyone help recommend the best setting for my setup to achieve higher quality recordings? My capture preview seems to drop frames and stutter in the preview window and these things end up in the recordings as well. I've spent many, many hours watching YouTube videos and...
  5. sammieko

    NDI HX capture || help settings

    Helloo fellasss i need some help with my NDI screen capture. I’ve recently purchased this application: And i have to say it works Great in compare with every other app i tryed. got only one question now. Does someone knows how to lower the resolution and ive possible maybe the fps. Like when...
  6. M

    macOS Big Sur - No 60 fps

    There is only up to 30 fps. Tried clean install but no luck. Where is the problem?
  7. B

    My footage is choppy even though OBS isn't reporting any substantial frame dips?

    Hello, any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated as I have been bashing my head against the keyboard for hours now. I'm new to OBS and I am happy with the quality of the footage so far except for the framerate, which is choppy inside of OBS' preview and in the final recording, even...
  8. motrongames

    Streaming 60fps on Facebook looks WORSE. Help?

    Hey folks, I recently got Level Up-ed on Facebook meaning I can do 1080p 60fps so to celebrate I streamed some Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and noticed that at 720p 60fps it actually looks quite a bit blockier than when I was doing 720p 30fps. Any idea why? It's running at 60fps no problem, which is...
  9. jeanmonday

    Unfortunately, I think G-SYNC might be my issue.

    PROBLEM Unable to record buttery-smooth 60fps gameplays without having to run current monitor through HDMI and being forced to play games at 60Hz with VSync enabled. SYSTEM SPECS Lenovo Legion Y720 (Laptop) Intel® Core™ i7-7700HQ (2.80GHz) NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060 (6GB) 16GB (2 × 8GB)...
  10. P

    Experiencing Encoding Overload while recording games

    I have been trying to record need for speed heat for the past week but have always experienced encoding overload. I used the auto-configuration wizard and set it to optimize for recording. I have changed the encoder from the gpu encoder to the x264 encoder and still experienced the same issue...
  11. S

    Logitech StreamCam 60 FPS Solution for OBS in Linux

    Just bought the StreamCam and was wondering why it couldnt run with 60 FPS in OBS. Probably some others have the same issue. A simple solution is to create a new video device with V42L (v4l2loopback) and a ffmpeg stream from the Webcam. first create a loopback video device sudo modprobe...
  12. A

    Bitrate drops and comes back up

    Hello! I had some issues over a couple of streams, notifed from chat, that my stream will sometimes go pixely. I noticed my bit rate was fluxing quite a bit. I was running a study 4000 kbs with no issues a while back. Im curious as to what is going on, what settings I should use/adjust, and how...
  13. W

    High-end PC, but real-time stream does not feel like 60FPS to me and other people watching

    Hello! I've had a certain problem for quite a long time. When watching back a real-time stream on my phone or PC, I can't seem to get a smooth performance out of my stream as everyone else does (it feels a lot better on VODs, so can't really show what I mean by linking one). It feels like the...
  14. B

    OBS Video Stuttering and Low CPU Usage

    Specs: r7 2700x stock clock speeds & Wraith RGB cooler gtx 1080 ftw2 w/ a slight overclock (+300mhz memory, +90mhz gpu, 120% power) 2x16gb g.skill trident z @ 2133mhz (haven't gotten around to adjusting it) Gigabyte GA-AX370-Gaming Mobo 256gb M.2 NVME SSD 2TB 7200 rpm HDD (being recorded to)...
  15. RyuSolo

    STREAM 720P / 60 FPS , image blurry

    Hey , I'm trying to config my OBS settings but i always the video is always blurry PC SPECS : CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 2600 (3.4 GHz) GPU - AMD Vega 56 RAM - 16 Gb https://www.twitch.tv/videos/667025188 - here's a clip of how it looks.. Can you help me fix this ? Thank you! Kind Regards, Ryu
  16. M

    60FPS stream stuttering with 165Hz gameplay

    Hi there. I'm sure there is a straight forward answer to this, but I can't find one anywhere online. Essentially, I have a 165Hz monitor, and so play all my games in 150+ FPS. When I stream in 60FPS, there is visible stuttering on the stream output (the game runs fine for me though). However...
  17. Morasby

    Bad framerate

    Hello! I've been searching on this forum for a while before posting, but I couldn't find something related. I'm currently doing streaming tests, to see if I can get to stream with a decent quality, and got to stream at 1080p50fps, with bitrate set on 6000-8000. Everything runs smoothly when...
  18. Brellyn Sinclare

    Question / Help Streaming 60fps 4k to youtube, but playback is 30fps.

    Video is set for 3840x2160 and 60fps. No errors from Youtube, stream is healthy. When I play back the video, it's clearly 4k 30fps. Everything is set right and no software is complaining, yet the end result is incorrect. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJ97mv1BJ38&feature=youtu.be I think...
  19. S

    Question / Help Fake 60 fps

    Hello! Help sort out the problem. Absolutely with any settings, the real 60 fps on the stream are not issued. At the same time, there was no packet loss or fps drop. PC: Msi b350 PC MATE Ryzen 5 1600 Gtx 1050ti Yes, the assembly is not the best, but I have not seen a streamer with a...
  20. H

    Question / Help What do I need to change in my settings to get less choppy video recordings?

    Hello, I am trying to record gameplay on modern warfare. I am very new to this but I have followed numerous guides online and looked at youtube tutorials on this and I am getting highly confused. I run Modern Warfare on highest settings and get anywhere from 80+ FPS, sometimes up to 144, and no...