Question / Help Streaming 60fps 4k to youtube, but playback is 30fps.

Video is set for 3840x2160 and 60fps. No errors from Youtube, stream is healthy. When I play back the video, it's clearly 4k 30fps. Everything is set right and no software is complaining, yet the end result is incorrect.

I think this is the correct log file...



It might be related to YouTube downscaling it's video quality as a reaction to vastly growing bandwith consumption due to COVID-19.

This article indicates that this step was taken for a month initially, but I can imagine it is still in place. [Remove spaces from URL]
https ://www. bloomberg .com/news/articles/2020-03-24/youtube-to-limit-video-quality-around-the-world-for-a-month
I read that article. Seems to be about downstream viewing and that you have to SELECT high def (they're making the default SD), not that the option is not available. The option for 4k HD isn't available on my videos and it should be. There's no reason I can identify why it wouldn't be. I'm quite baffled. Thanks for the reply, though.


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It's there for me. Firefox 76.0.1 (64-bit) on Windows 10 1909.


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Yes, It says 2160p 4k but it doesn't say "60 fps" after that. If you play the video, does it look like 30 or 60 fps to you? This is what OBS is set to...
60fps obs.jpg

Gameplay looks chunky to me. 60 fps should be smooth.


Youtube renders your video in 709 color space, while in your log file it references 601. Normally this wouldn't matter too much, but then again what is normal these days. Your video plays off in 4k 30 fps when selecting 4k, from 1080p. I have a 4k monitor but not at it atm. Game looks gorgeous otherwise. a few issues otherwise in log but nothing i saw that explains why it isn't 60 fps from the log. Perhaps an issue with the game's capture itself. But seems more likely youtube is denying you given c19.


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If you're actually recording at 60fps, and youtube is not giving the 60fps version, then the issue is on youtube's side. Pulling up the "Stats for nerds" on your test video does indeed confirm that it is only giving a 30fps version of your video. Even the 1080p version should be 60fps if the source video is, but that is also not the case.

Your logs do not show an actual recording session. Please include the full log file from the recording.

Also, you should check your local recording using VLC to see if that did indeed record at 60fps.


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The video looks laggy, not smooth. It seems you overloaded your encoder with trying to encode 4k @ 60 fps or you overloaded your internet uplink connection. Unfortunately, your log file in the OP doesn't contain a streaming session, so we cannot tell.
I will stream again. Remember, YouTube didn't complain during the stream that the encoder didn't provide the required data bandwidth. This is a nVidia GTX 1070ti and my upstream bandwidth is capable of roughly 40mb upstream. If the encoder was overloaded, then the effect should appear on a local recording, and it didn't.

Also, The stream remained "healthy" and the connection "excellent" according to YouTube throughout. Rainmeter says my GPU averaged 77% usage and my CPU never reached 20%
That OBS test 2 shows 60fps

Do you mean the log shows 60 fps? Correct However, I think the consensus is that what is ending up on YouTube, isn't 60 fps. If I'm hearing you correctly, it's not me, my computer, OBS, or my connection. So, it's YouTube's fault?
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Perhaps this is a key point in the log...

15:51:05.593: Output 'adv_stream': Number of dropped frames due to insufficient bandwidth/connection stalls: 31699 (50.1%)