1. Q

    Question / Help Stream stutters but game not (Log included)

    Hello, I streamed with 1680x1050@60fps with a CBR of 6000kbit/s and x264. As mentioned in the title my streams lags with ca. 20fps. But my game is still running smoothly with 60fps. I attached the log. What is the cause/bottleneck? If it is the encoding, as I know x264 is CPU encoding, then...
  2. Y

    Question / Help Fortnite Stream Lags After a Couple of Games

    Greetings! Some friends have encouraged me to start streaming but I'm running into some FPS problems. I usually run Fortnite around 120 FPS with 1080p when not streaming. However, when I stream it would be incredibly laggy. Sometimes, I'll be able to stream and play the first game or two with...
  3. C

    Question / Help Pixelation with 4000 Bitrate?

    Would be awesome if someone could help me. Thank you. Hey.. so.. I tried streaming with my CPU as the encoder, but because I get fps drops in-game I use NVENC instead. I'm streaming a high-motion game (Call of Duty) with 4000 Bitrate and NVENC at 720p 60FPS and the stream looks pixelated. What...
  4. Geoshot

    Question / Help Elgato HD60 not capturing 720p 60FPS.

    So, I noticed the streams didn't actually look like 720p 60FPS - Even though the card via OBS is set to output 60fps. I have a duel PC setup: Gaming rig: i5 4570 gtx 980ti 16GB ddr3 Streaming rig: i5 4570 no gpu elgato hd60 pro 8GB ddr3 The video capture device properties: Resolution...