Question / Help Elgato HD60 not capturing 720p 60FPS.


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So, I noticed the streams didn't actually look like 720p 60FPS - Even though the card via OBS is set to output 60fps.

I have a duel PC setup:
Gaming rig:
i5 4570
gtx 980ti
16GB ddr3

Streaming rig:
i5 4570
no gpu
elgato hd60 pro
8GB ddr3

The video capture device properties:
Resolution: 1280x720
FPS: 60
Video Format: Any
Buffering: Enabled

OBS Video settings:
Base canvas: 1280x720
Output resolution: 1280x720
Downscale filter: Bicubic
Common FPS values: 60

Here is an example of what the capture card is getting, as you can see - it's only capturing 30fps.

Monitor is outputting 60fps fine, i can see a huge difference in the refresh rate between the two UFO's but the OBS preview and outputted video file look exactly the same, which means the 60fps one is only being captured at 30.
This is really annoying me, since everything is set to 60. Hopefully someone here has a solution...


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So i have managed to "fix" it. but this requires me to set the Elgato to 1080p which uses 50% cpu usage before i've even started streaming/recording - when i include all my overlays and webcam, this tips over 100% and overloads the encoding on my stream.

I do not want to downscale, just capture in 720p 60fps - why wouldn't this be possible?
Downscaling actually hurts my performance, my internet connection is more than capable of streaming 1080p but my CPU isn't very capable of transcoding from 1080>720

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