1. S

    Question / Help Gradual Game Audio Delay

    Hello All, I've been in communication with ElGato hoping the issue was on their end but I see multiple users having similar issues. Can't seem to find the results in the threads after searching for a solution and after troubleshooting with ElGato over 10 emails over 2 weeks and talking to...
  2. C

    Question / Help OBS Stutters/Lags after a while if I don’t move the mouse

    I’m streaming from my PS4 Pro through an Elgato HD60 S capture card into OBS on my Windows 10 MSi GE63 laptop. Everything works perfectly, but OBS stutters/lags if I don’t move the mouse for a while. As soon as I move the mouse, everything runs perfectly again. This actually happens whether I’m...
  3. E

    Disconnect problems

    Hi, I've been having periodic disconnects from Restream.io while streaming from my Elgato card. I switched from Game Capture to OBS and I like OBS a lot more now that I'm on.
  4. hoffsiderunner

    Elgato Stream Deck help

    Hi! i have an idea but im not sure how or if its possible. i want to use my stream deck to change a text source in OBS. if I have a text source with a number and then I press a key on the stream deck and it adds +1 to that number. like a scoreboard, I score a goal presses the key and it adds +1...
  5. TheGreenFan

    Question / Help OBS/Elgato iPhone Problems

    I use to record with OBS while running the Elgato but after an update and it's never been the same again with Elgato. I can't get it to work correctly. The top picture should look like the bottom picture but its not. My settings on the left is Elgato and on the right is for OBS. I don't know...
  6. K

    Pause in Elgato Stream Deck

    Hey, I really would like to see the new pause feature introduced in 24.0 OBS Studio in Elgato Stream Deck. Thanks!
  7. T

    Question / Help Issues Recording XBOX 360 Gameplay with OBS and Elgato HD60 Pro

    Hello all, I have two issues I'm trying to address, both concerning recording video from my XBOX 360. I have a dedicated Recording-Only PC (i5-3570K, GTX 970 SC 4GB, 16GB DDR3, 500GB SSD + 1TB HDD) that does nothing but capture video from sources, whether it be my other computer or consoles...
  8. Y

    Question / Help Streaming to Twitch With an Elgato Thru OBS. When Mic is On, Desktop Audio Stops.

    i am trying to stream my xbox one with a elgato hd60 capture card through obs. I have my capture card setup in obs and its working fine. But whenever i add my mic i cant hear my desktop audio at all. its still picking it up but its not playing for anything and i only have one mic and one set...
  9. N

    Question / Help Switching scenes with my Elgato stream deck crashes OBS

    I have an issue when using my Elgato stream deck. Everytime I switch scenes using the stream deck, my OBS crashes. I have uploaded logs here: https://obsproject.com/logs/_sylQwTT4PHTvRTu Now, what you are going to say is that there is a problem with one of my Browser sources because at least 4...
  10. N

    Question / Help Switching Scenes with Elgato Stream Deck Crashes OBS

    Does anyone know why my OBS crashes when I use my Elgato stream deck to switch scenes? I can't figure it out for the life of me. Here are my logs: https://obsproject.com/logs/XuZhzgUNSiE7V8k0 Apparently it is due to one of my Browser sources but, I swear to god I can't find out what source...
  11. N

    Question / Help No Audio, Elgato, XB1, mac and game capture.

    Hi, im new too this So im unsure if ive posted in the right area! I have an ELGATO HD60. This is connected with the 2 hdmi's and the usb cable. All working and Displaying in elgato's Game capture software. No matter what i do and how ive tried the sound doesnt work on OBS. I have set the video...
  12. L

    Question / Help Streamlabs OBS Stuttering Elgato When facecam is added?

    Hey what's going on guys!! I recently started streaming, and I purchased an Elgato HD60s to use as my capture device. I stream off of my Omen Gaming laptop, while playing the game on my Xbox one x. I added the Elgato to Capture my game gameplay On streamlabs OBS, and everything looks absolutely...
  13. F

    Question / Help Elgato causing crashing glitch

    So for a couple months now my elgato and obs have not been working together, either obs will instantly crash, stop responding, open but with only a black screen or be stuck on one my moment please, is there a way to fix this? I attached a log file and 2 of the crash report I am not sure if...
  14. J

    Question / Help 2 PC setup with Elgato, audio transfer, desync

    Hello! I recently bought a second PC with Elgato HD60 Pro and i was wondering how to set it up. I'm using OBS on both PC's and i'm transfering a preview from my gaming PC to Elgato which is connected via HDMI from my graphics card to second PC. And the problem is that there's no sound transfered...
  15. T

    Question / Help 5000 bitrate and still pixelated?

    I record my Xbox with my Elgato, then record on OBS. My settings on the Elgato is 720p 30fps. Along with my OBS settings, they’re 720p 30fps and at 5000 bitrate. I keep my CPU preset at Ultrafast. Even if I make the preset ‘slower’ it’s still pixelated. And if I go up to 9000 bitrate; it’s still...
  16. 2

    Question / Help Two Capture Cards Audio Issues

    I have two Elgato HD60 Pros in my tower and I am able to capture two different games in two different scenes. My bro and I want to stream the same game but with our own perspectives and switch between the two. The problem is whenever we switch scenes, OBS only detects one capture card's audio...
  17. J

    Question / Help Elgato Game Capture 60S Choppy compared to normal Elgato Game Capture

    My streaming system is CPU: AMD A8-6500 with Radeon HD Graphics Ram: 16GB OS: Windows 10 64-bit I've been streaming with the Elgato Game Capture since 2014, and it runs perfect... I keep it at 720p 30fps for best compatability. (60FPS maxes out the processor, while 30 only uses like 40-50%)...
  18. M

    Question / Help Help with dual pc set up

    *DISCLAIMER* I’m new here and don’t post much, if i’m In the wrong spot mods feel free to tell me and I’ll delete post or move threads. Long story short, I have just built a second pc. I have 2 144hz monitors. Here is where I am. My overall goal is to stream at 1080p 60fps. In my gaming rig I...
  19. Parallax Abstraction

    Question / Help HD60 Pro Audio Delay Between Device and Monitoring

    Hey all. I searched around for this particular issue without much luck. I just bought a new Elgato HD60 Pro to use for capturing console stuff. I don't have an easy way to monitor the audio coming off the HDMI passthrough so rather than do that, I was just going to use the Project Source option...
  20. P

    Question / Help OBS Crash | /W Elgato Game Capture / Camlink

    Hello! Been trying to figure out this bloody problem Crash Report > https://pastebin.com/G9Qni2u2 Equipment used: - 3x Logitec c920? - 1x Camlink < 1080pi Camcorder Specs: - i5 - GTX 1060 - 8gb Ram < Upgrading soon - SSD's.. - Windows 10 Use case: Basically, I have a 50 meter CAT6 Cable...