1. M

    Help with dual pc set up

    *DISCLAIMER* I’m new here and don’t post much, if i’m In the wrong spot mods feel free to tell me and I’ll delete post or move threads. Long story short, I have just built a second pc. I have 2 144hz monitors. Here is where I am. My overall goal is to stream at 1080p 60fps. In my gaming rig I...
  2. Parallax Abstraction

    Question / Help HD60 Pro Audio Delay Between Device and Monitoring

    Hey all. I searched around for this particular issue without much luck. I just bought a new Elgato HD60 Pro to use for capturing console stuff. I don't have an easy way to monitor the audio coming off the HDMI passthrough so rather than do that, I was just going to use the Project Source option...
  3. P

    Question / Help OBS Crash | /W Elgato Game Capture / Camlink

    Hello! Been trying to figure out this bloody problem Crash Report > https://pastebin.com/G9Qni2u2 Equipment used: - 3x Logitec c920? - 1x Camlink < 1080pi Camcorder Specs: - i5 - GTX 1060 - 8gb Ram < Upgrading soon - SSD's.. - Windows 10 Use case: Basically, I have a 50 meter CAT6 Cable...
  4. D

    Question / Help Dual PC w/ Elgato Help

    Hi, I have 2 pcs and a hd60 pro, and it all links together audio and video everything I need works, but when it comes from getting gameplay from the gaming pc to the elgato - which is in the streaming pc - I have tried cloning the monitor with the elgato, however this causes almost unplayable...
  5. J

    Question / Help Two - Elgato Game capture HD working simultaneously with OBS

    Has anyone managed to have two elgato Game capture HD working at the same time with OBS? I searched a lot for the information but I found something only for the new models. I saw people suggesting to get the capture from the elgato official app throught it's window but I don't like this solution.
  6. M

    Question / Help Elgato Capture card freezing every now and then.

    Hi guys, ive been trying to stream with my Elgato 4k 60 pro, with dual pc set up, cloning monitor 1/3 with elgato. Everything runs really smoothly besides the freezes i get that last a whole second then resume gameplay, which is really annoying if im playing cs, or any multiplayer game online...
  7. T

    Question / Help Quick Capture Card Question

    I'm currently running a pretty good PC setup (32GB ram, i7-7700, gtx 1060) but some games (Bo4) have been pushing things and causing a few render frame drops. I've been trying to figure out if getting a capture card like an Elgato would actually provide any additional performance. I know I would...
  8. R

    Question / Help Can I Record Stream Audio Minus Music?

    Hi, I'm streaming PS4 games through an Elgato using OBS, and was wondering whether it was possible to separate the audio being streamed from the audio being recorded. I play music on my stream, but I can't have it on the recordings, as they would then get flagged on Youtube. Is it possible to...
  9. M

    Question / Help Double Voice ( robot voice ) while steaming

    Hello I am using elgato hd60 pro and PS4 with Astro a40 headset for streaming I use obs studio and an extra rode usb mic I have connected everything correct with Chatlink Kabel from elgato I don’t have any other loops from game or anything else I only have my own voice doubled It is gone...
  10. F

    Question / Help Frame drops

    I have used elgato with my obs for awhile now to record my switch, it used to be able to handle 30 fps on 3 hours streams and no frame drops, but recently it been dropping about 5-17% on my 1 hour streams, and I don't understand why I have tried changing the settings, restarting my pc...
  11. A

    Question / Help obs seems choppy, help please

    I am using an Elgato Game Cap HD to capture my Xbox one along with a i7-770, 16 gb rams, 2.8 ghz with a turbo up to 3.2 ghz. My internet should be more than capable which is about 106 mbps down and about 11-12 mbps up. I use a separate internet for my games and my computer. Im just looking for...
  12. B

    Question / Help Elgato Game Capture HD and the Nintendo Switch

    Hello! I am having a large amount of difficulty getting the Nintendo Switch to work on OBS through the Elgato Game Capture HD. When running on the Elgato Game Capture HD software there seems to be no issue. Description: When setting the source to the Elgato it will just sit on the screen with...
  13. F

    Question / Help Can I improve my quality?

    Hey! I am normally a PS4 streamer (Elgato HD60 Pro Cap Card) and I was just curious if anyone here could help me improve my quality a bit. Log: https://obsproject.com/logs/_WN0kJKJxZDr5p7- Stream clip: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/347203002 I have a i7-4790k GTX 970 4GB 16GB RAM Gigabyte Z97X...
  14. E

    Question / Help ElGato vs OBS sound problems

    Was having problems streaming. I posted my log to see if anyone could help. Basically in a nutshell I stream one game through my xbox, and the rest I play on my computer. Everything is encoded with OBS but I have it extremely ghetto rigged. I would like to get my settings down so I'm not...
  15. F

    Question / Help AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable and el gato hd

    Hi, it´s my first time here. I would like to know if i can use OBS with both AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable and el gato hd. Maybe use the El Gato HD to capture my Ps4, and the AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable for the Panasonic Lumix GH2. But before buying it, it would like to know if this setup is...
  16. E

    Question / Help No video feed from video capture card in preview window

    Alright, I need some help here. I have been streaming for about a year and a half and now I have finally managed to acquire my first capture card. This is the Elgato Video Capture device. Mind you, this is NOT (!) either the Elgato 60 or the Elgato HD. This is the smaller card which has a...
  17. T

    Question / Help Elgato HD60 Quality Bad and Screen Tearing HELP!!

    Hi Guys, My elgato that I recently bought is recording in bad quality when I use it in OBS. For example, when I spin around in fortnite, the screen tears and the quality looks bad. The video is in 1080p. Also when I try to use any bit rate higher than 2500 the output is laggy and cutting frames...
  18. C

    Question / Help Astro a40, Elgato, PS4 Double sound

    So I'm trying to stream stuff like CoD on my ps4 on SLOBS and I have everything I think I need but I'm getting an issue where I have to audios going to obs at once
  19. K

    Question / Help How do I make OBS on mac recognise an Elgato Game capture Device as a video capture device?

    I know there's no native support like there is on windows, is there a workaround that could get this done?
  20. G

    Question / Help HD60S framerate tanks in OBS, even at 30fps.

    Self explanatory title. Been working on this for awhile. -tried changing the graphics processor for both GCHD and OBS in the NVIDIA Control Panel -changed the encoder and decoder in GCHD -quality setting changing -stuff Here's a video of it happening...