1. Drifted

    Elgato HD60S+ keeps freezing and cutting out in OBS

    So when I plug in my elgato capture card to my PS5 and my PC, I open the 4K capture tool, and it loads in audio and visual. Great. When I go into OBS or Streamlabs OBS to stream off my PS5, I add the source, and it stays there for like 5 minutes, then cuts out again. The audio completely stops...
  2. S

    Capturing PS3 Stereoscopy

    Capture PS3 Stereoscopy My OBS source displays Frame-Packed stereoscopy in a horizontal 2D split: https://imgur.com/gallery/y6dOtgl Can stereoscopy be reconstructed in post after being captured in split 2D feeds? Would it be essential to have both 2D captures in order to make an accurate...
  3. R

    OBS not finding Elgato HD60 as a device

    Hello, I have recently got a Elagto HD60 to stream my PS5 through OBS on a MacBook. I have the most up to date version of OBS and My Mac is currently running on Ventura 13.4.1 - I have downloaded the Elgato Game Capture software and my Elgato capture card is picked up fine as a Device within...
  4. M

    OBS cant capture ipad

    hello everyone, I recently bought an Elgato capture card (HD60 S+) and wanted to stream it on OBS. whenever I tried to connect the capture card to my pc and to my iPad, it sometimes display the output, sometimes it doesnt. the attach file it the log when it does output my ipad
  5. I

    OBS wont detect Elgato after latest update

    Recently i updated my OBS software to the latest update and ever since OBS has not been able to recognise my elgato as a video capture device however when i check the elgato software it shows the console being captured. I have tried reinstalling OBS, Reinstalling the elgato drivers and other...
  6. T

    OBS not using Nvidia Effects from Elgato Camera Hub

    So yesterday I enabled the nvidia blur background effect within the elgato camera hub app, opened OBS and it was working fine, now I try again today and the effect isn't there despite not having changed anything. I've restarted OBS and the elgato camera hub, as well as disabled and reenabled the...
  7. S

    People who has stuttering problem with Elgato Dual PC setup Try this.

    i have been testing 2 days workaround for stuttery video/stream/obs preview But i think i found fix for that i need someone else to test this as well. First Gaming PC: 1.Make second monitor to 60hz. (where you keep your OBS) 2. Go to Nvidia settings and enable Vsync + Buffering That's gaming...
  8. kaiservongrauer

    Desktop source audio lag after 10 minutes through Clarett 4Pre USB but no lag for viewers

    Hello everyone! First of all, here's a link to my log file analysis: https://obsproject.com/tools/analyzer?log_url=https%3A%2F%2Fobsproject.com%2Flogs%2FOl9dfC0cc5qpEZLs The Problem: When launching OBS, all of the audio is fine. Exactly ten minutes after starting OBS, any sounds coming through...
  9. J

    Rahmen von Elgato HD60S+

    Hallo Ich habe mir die Elgato HD60S+ gekauft und wenn ich über OBS aufnehmen oder streamen möchte, dann habe ich den Rahmen des Fensters von der Elagato. Diesen Rahmen möchte ich gerne weg haben. Weiss einer Rat?
  10. R

    When I record or stream with Elgato hds60+ capture card it freezes occasionally

    so like in the title, When I record or stream with Elgato hds60+ capture card it freezes occasionally, and until I deactivate and reactivate it, it doesn't fix itself. And the FPS drop is so much when I start recording or streaming. I had no issue whatsoever 2 weeks ago but now I can't stream...
  11. G

    Elgato HD60 S+ on OBS not streaming audio

    Pretty much the title. The video feed stream goes well, no stuttering. And the audio track appears in the mixer it just... Doesn't play any. I've tried the licensed Elgato Software, the 4k Capture and it appears there, in bad quality, but it does. Tried all my (3.0) USB ports and to no avail...
  12. F

    Sound issues with my Elgato HD60X

    Hi there, Long story short, I really like streaming on twitch and I wanted to upgrade my gear and use an acquisition box to be able to broadcast all the next big ps5 exclusives. So I took an Elgato HD60X released at the start of the year, I set everything up correctly, the console is...
  13. FiOth

    Washed-out colors when source produces HDR signal

    Greetings people I've run into a little issue. I'm using an Elgato HD60 X. It's been working... OK I'd say (suffers the occasional crackling sound that Elgato is known for) but Image has been fine. The big update came, providing HDR streaming, but I opted not to use it, because I want ultra-low...
  14. S

    Not hearing Streamlabs audio after adding an Elgato HD60X to my mix

    So a little background, I mainly stream PC games and use a GoXLR mini to control all my game audio. I went to windows sound settings and enabled the "Listen to this device" option and gave the HD60X to my GoXLR's game audio channel. Everything was working fine I was able to adjust my audio and...
  15. A

    PC Continues to Freeze for the 100th+ Time This Year While Only Using OBS Studio

    I've asked for help by searching up solutions and fixes related to my PC freezing while using OBS Studio. I've asked on the OBS Discord, watched some YouTube videos, executed System File Checker on the Command Prompt, bought a new PC with Windows 11 since my previous desktop also has that issue...
  16. C

    Jagged edges in Fullscreen Preview for Elgato

    I've been using OBS's Windowed/Fullscreen Preview as a passthrough to play games through an Elgato HD60 S+ for about a year, but recently I've noticed jagged edges on models and 2d textures that I don't remember being there before. Here's what I'm talking about, particularly the edges of...
  17. HoshinoMirai

    Windows OBS cannot capture sound from CamLink 4K, but dualboot Linux worked fine

    Recently I ran into this issue that my OBS stopped capturing sound from my CamLink. I have tried my Windows laptop, and there sound can be captured in the OBS. I then tried booting into my Linux distro on my PC, and it was too able to capture sound from CamLink. So this proves that the CamLink...
  18. EnzoCast

    M1 MacBook Pro - Elgato HD60X - 2k HDR - 60FPS - Apple VT H264 Hardware Encoder?

    It's a big title, but it tells you most of what you need to know. I'm looking to gather some information on the best method to use to record and stream (not simultaneously) using the MAcBook M1 - 2020 Base Model - 8Gb Ram. The Elgato HD60X claims to capture 2k at 60FPS. I don't know for sure the...
  19. V

    Elgato stream deck keeps opening tabs asking me to sign in

    every time I open my browser, Elgato opens around 8 tabs all at once asking me to sign into an account. But when I sign in it takes my to a web page that isn't e available, this has been happening for months and I can't find a fix.
  20. P

    Elgato HD60 s+ Black screen

    Hallo, ich hab mir die Elgato HD60 s+ gekauft und eingerichtet. PS4 mit der Elgato verbunden und alles klappt Bild und so kommt in der 4k Utility Anwendung In OBS habe ich dann eine Videoaufnahmegerät Szene gemacht und meine Elgato Game Capture HD60 S+ ausgewählt. Anstatt dem PS4 Menü kommt...