1. A

    PC Continues to Freeze for the 100th+ Time This Year While Only Using OBS Studio

    I've asked for help by searching up solutions and fixes related to my PC freezing while using OBS Studio. I've asked on the OBS Discord, watched some YouTube videos, executed System File Checker on the Command Prompt, bought a new PC with Windows 11 since my previous desktop also has that issue...
  2. C

    Jagged edges in Fullscreen Preview for Elgato

    I've been using OBS's Windowed/Fullscreen Preview as a passthrough to play games through an Elgato HD60 S+ for about a year, but recently I've noticed jagged edges on models and 2d textures that I don't remember being there before. Here's what I'm talking about, particularly the edges of...
  3. HoshinoMirai

    Windows OBS cannot capture sound from CamLink 4K, but dualboot Linux worked fine

    Recently I ran into this issue that my OBS stopped capturing sound from my CamLink. I have tried my Windows laptop, and there sound can be captured in the OBS. I then tried booting into my Linux distro on my PC, and it was too able to capture sound from CamLink. So this proves that the CamLink...
  4. EnzoCast

    M1 MacBook Pro - Elgato HD60X - 2k HDR - 60FPS - Apple VT H264 Hardware Encoder?

    It's a big title, but it tells you most of what you need to know. I'm looking to gather some information on the best method to use to record and stream (not simultaneously) using the MAcBook M1 - 2020 Base Model - 8Gb Ram. The Elgato HD60X claims to capture 2k at 60FPS. I don't know for sure the...
  5. V

    Elgato stream deck keeps opening tabs asking me to sign in

    every time I open my browser, Elgato opens around 8 tabs all at once asking me to sign into an account. But when I sign in it takes my to a web page that isn't e available, this has been happening for months and I can't find a fix.
  6. P

    Elgato HD60 s+ Black screen

    Hallo, ich hab mir die Elgato HD60 s+ gekauft und eingerichtet. PS4 mit der Elgato verbunden und alles klappt Bild und so kommt in der 4k Utility Anwendung In OBS habe ich dann eine Videoaufnahmegerät Szene gemacht und meine Elgato Game Capture HD60 S+ ausgewählt. Anstatt dem PS4 Menü kommt...
  7. F

    Distorted Audio When i Use Elgato Sound Capture and Sometime Video Choppy

    Hello I am new user of OBS I try to record my gameplay (just record) I use dual pc record I connect to PC use Elgato HD60 S+ To make output audio into my record pc i use Elgato Sound Capture When i use that software my audio got distorted, sometime the sound goes after video. I got choppy on...
  8. U

    Audio Default Settings Not Saving Between Restarts

    I'm new to OBS, my setup has two Elgato HD60 S capture cards and I'm handling audio through the analog connector on one of the cards. It outputs from a soundboard to the analog slot on the card. Whenever I launch OBS, it starts pulling audio through the HDMI which causes issues. If I close OBS...
  9. I

    Problem with Elgato Facecam & Elgato HD60 S+

    Hello everyone, i'm Michele and nice to meet you. I need help with this problem and i hope someone will help me. I use HD 60 S+ to acquire PS5 video and Elgato Facecam but OBS Studio (27.2.4 64-bit, windows) prevents me from activating both video sources at the same time. When i activate the...
  10. M

    Streamvideo is freezing for a couple seconds, audio continues

    Hi There, Problem: Whenever I stream & record my video has lags. Basically what happens is that my video us freezing for a couple seconds and then continues again as normal. Audio is uninterrupted. Example: https://www.facebook.com/madzed5/videos/546066193625902 0:55-0:57 Setup: Dual PC Setup...
  11. X

    OBS + Elgato Audio Problem [Elgato HD60S+]

    Hey guys, I have a huge problem. Namely, I connected my Nintendo Switch to the Elgato and of course to my PC. The problem now is: I can't get any audio output from the switch via OBS. Yesterday it worked for a while playing a game, then the audio got scratchy in between and when I tried to fix...
  12. LPDarkSoulsHD

    Recommended settings for better quality?

    Good evening, all. Can anyone help recommend the best setting for my setup to achieve higher quality recordings? My capture preview seems to drop frames and stutter in the preview window and these things end up in the recordings as well. I've spent many, many hours watching YouTube videos and...
  13. A

    NVENC Start Failure black screen

    Hi, I recently bought an elgato HD60x to be able to stream when I console game as well. Since hooking it up however my preview shows fine but whenever I record it is just a black screen with audio. After getting frustrated and deciding to just stream like usual no Elgato but I now appear to have...
  14. Z

    NDI Source: Capture Card - No Video

    I don't know where this problem came from, I streamed no problem this passed Wednesday but now the video from the capture card isn't going through and I don't understand why. I verified that the OBS link was up to date, updated OBS studio, and rebooted my notebook at least 3 times with no...
  15. M

    Elgato audio duplicating

    SO recently there was a delay with my Elgato audio i was able to fix it by setting mic/aux 2 to my Elgato audio. But now the problem is there's an echo that follows the audio, any way to fix it?
  16. C

    Elgato stutters dual pc setup after 10 minutes of playing

    Hello I have searched everywhere and could not find the solution literally anywhere I have been trying to fix this for days so I have a dual pc setup after 10 minutes of playing valorant the Elgato starts stuttering on stream and in obs. looks like I am running on 40fps but before the...
  17. S

    Canon m50 and Elgato camlink recording in OBS. Preview looks good, but recordings quality drop.

    https://obsproject.com/logs/hIiZD3e9WvQCngT- Hi there! I just got a camlink for my DSLR, and I am not a videophile, so I am having trouble with settings. For streaming and the preview before recording it looks pretty good (a smidge grainy), but after recording and going into the file, my videos...
  18. Z

    Elgato Facecam freezes

    So i got a Facecam about a month and a half ago, but haven't been able to use it because I didn't have enough watts in the power supply to power everything I have plugged in usb wise and my 3070 lol Well i got my new 1200 watt power supply and can finally have everything plugged in and my pc not...
  19. K

    Elgato HD60s+ Keeps dropping audio on OBS

    Please help, this is driving me mad! I have recently purchased an Elgato HD60s+ to stream from Xbox One to PC. When I first start up OBS the audio is crystal clear and working, however, after a couple of minutes (sometimes seconds) the game capture audio simply stops, after a few more seconds it...
  20. S

    help! When trying to set up audio from discord to obs, it only makes a weird squeaking noise.

    so obs is up to date, and discord and my soundboard (ableton) are in the same audio output (multi output device). i can hear everything that comes from ableton just fine, but the discord audio is super distorted. It happens when ableton is closed and the audios are separate, but no matter what...