1. N

    Game Capture is lower frame rate than rest of stream

    So I've been trying to stream on twitch, and after posting a link to my stream, someone points out that the game's framerate wasn't 60 fps. I thought this was odd, since the stream itself was definitely 60fps, and they pointed out that parts of my stream that weren't the game capture were also...
  2. TheKorriban

    Obs doesn't see my elgato HD60

    HI I have already exchanged several dozen emails with elgato support and we are sure that the HD60 works the problem is that a few years ago OBS detected the HD60 without any problem, but now it doesn't detect it at all, in the windows device manager it sees the HD60 but why OBS doesn't see...
  3. I

    Issues with Chat Link Pro

    Hi, I am going to preface my post with an apology - I am brand new to streaming and all that comes with it: OBS, capture cards, audio mixing… so please bear with me. Anyway, my issue is that OBS is not registering game audio when using the chat link pro. If I unplug it then OBS picks up the...
  4. attursson

    My Elgato 4K PRO supports 240hz at 1440p but it will not render in OBS on the Stream PC

    Hi, I'm new to the forum. Nice to meet everybody! I recently received the new 4K PRO from Elgato and I was very excited to finally get rid of screen tearing in my recordings as I run 1440p on a 240hz gaming monitor on my main gaming PC. But as I installed it and tried every possible setting...
  5. CaseyStelken

    Elgato VCR Video Capture - OBS Audio Meter not responding

    Hey gang. Trying to digitize VHS tapes played on a JVC VCR through Elgato Video Capture via OBS. Running OBS 30.1.2 on Windows 10 Home. My OBS audio meters aren't showing anything. No bouncing bar, nothing. I've read countless posts from other users on various forums and tried all sorts of...
  6. hapyvian

    Sound Delay over time through Elgato HD60X

    Hi Everyone, I use Elgato hd60x to stream through my phone. I have been facing sound delay over time for a month and tried every possible way to fix it from all the suggestions. I have 15 pro max now, I used 13 pro max and it was working fine. Also, it was working fine when I used the first...
  7. smxx

    Elgato Game Capture HD: Bitrate On OBS Is Lower Than The One In Elgato Game Capture HD Software

    For some reason capturing my Elgato Game Capture HD (2012 model) on OBS results in a very low bitrate. The video quality is noticeably higher when recording on Elgato's Software (Game Capture HD Software on version x64 + Game Capture HD Drivers on version at 26.3 Mbps...
  8. S

    Crackling/Popping sound every hours ( since I installed Wave Link )

    Hello, I have had a sound problem since December 2023: When I stream, my audio crackles every hour on my stream, then stops after a few minutes. I don't hear it personally but you can hear it on my stream I was capturing audio with win-capture-audio, which is a plugin to capture each source...
  9. D


    Hallo, ich brauche bitte eure Hilfe. Ich werde baldmöglichst mit dem Streamen beginnen. Ich verwende die PlayStation5, Elgato HD60X und einen Macbook Pro. Als Plattform verwende ich OBS. Nun habe ich folgendes Problem. Ich habs alles angeschlossen, von der PS5 in das Elgato von das in mein...
  10. A

    Elgato HD60 S+ showing a black screen on ps3

    I have tried to connect the elgato to a laptop to record and it shows image for a few seconds but then it goes black, but in the elgato software it works perfectly but i prefer obs, anyone knows how to fix it? if I need to post the log file please tell me
  11. zhHighwayRacer03

    Restart video recording device

    How can I have my video capture device, such as my Elgato, turn off after a timer of time and then turn back on? (A reboot) Timer or plugin
  12. T


    Hey, I AM ACTUALLY BEGGING FOR HELP AT THIS POINT... so I'm not even sure if it's an OBS problem but three times now when I'm streaming my entire pc freezes. My game, my stream, my audio shuts off for a couple seconds, my stream ends up being black screened but my camera frozen, etc. It's only...
  13. T

    Entire pc freezing during some streams

    Hey, I AM ACTUALLY BEGGING FOR HELP AT THIS POINT... so I'm not even sure if it's an OBS problem but three times now when I'm streaming my entire pc freezes. My game, my stream, my audio shuts off for a couple seconds, my stream ends up being black screened but my camera frozen, etc. It's only...
  14. Drifted

    Elgato HD60S+ keeps freezing and cutting out in OBS

    So when I plug in my elgato capture card to my PS5 and my PC, I open the 4K capture tool, and it loads in audio and visual. Great. When I go into OBS or Streamlabs OBS to stream off my PS5, I add the source, and it stays there for like 5 minutes, then cuts out again. The audio completely stops...
  15. S

    Capturing PS3 Stereoscopy

    Capture PS3 Stereoscopy My OBS source displays Frame-Packed stereoscopy in a horizontal 2D split: https://imgur.com/gallery/y6dOtgl Can stereoscopy be reconstructed in post after being captured in split 2D feeds? Would it be essential to have both 2D captures in order to make an accurate...
  16. R

    OBS not finding Elgato HD60 as a device

    Hello, I have recently got a Elagto HD60 to stream my PS5 through OBS on a MacBook. I have the most up to date version of OBS and My Mac is currently running on Ventura 13.4.1 - I have downloaded the Elgato Game Capture software and my Elgato capture card is picked up fine as a Device within...
  17. M

    OBS cant capture ipad

    hello everyone, I recently bought an Elgato capture card (HD60 S+) and wanted to stream it on OBS. whenever I tried to connect the capture card to my pc and to my iPad, it sometimes display the output, sometimes it doesnt. the attach file it the log when it does output my ipad
  18. I

    OBS wont detect Elgato after latest update

    Recently i updated my OBS software to the latest update and ever since OBS has not been able to recognise my elgato as a video capture device however when i check the elgato software it shows the console being captured. I have tried reinstalling OBS, Reinstalling the elgato drivers and other...
  19. T

    OBS not using Nvidia Effects from Elgato Camera Hub

    So yesterday I enabled the nvidia blur background effect within the elgato camera hub app, opened OBS and it was working fine, now I try again today and the effect isn't there despite not having changed anything. I've restarted OBS and the elgato camera hub, as well as disabled and reenabled the...
  20. S

    People who has stuttering problem with Elgato Dual PC setup Try this.

    i have been testing 2 days workaround for stuttery video/stream/obs preview But i think i found fix for that i need someone else to test this as well. First Gaming PC: 1.Make second monitor to 60hz. (where you keep your OBS) 2. Go to Nvidia settings and enable Vsync + Buffering That's gaming...