High-end PC, but real-time stream does not feel like 60FPS to me and other people watching


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I've had a certain problem for quite a long time. When watching back a real-time stream on my phone or PC, I can't seem to get a smooth performance out of my stream as everyone else does (it feels a lot better on VODs, so can't really show what I mean by linking one). It feels like the stream can't catch a consistent 60FPS and operates between 40/50FPS to sometimes 60FPS (rarely).

The issue also happens in the Twitch Studio app, so it's not an OBS exclusive problem. For a long time I thought that it might be the problem with having dual-monitor setup with different refresh rates (144Hz main, 60Hz second), but the Windows 2004 Patch that added a "Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling" did not fix that for me as it seemingly did for other people (for instance HERE - it did indeed fix this issue, because overall experience while using Windows feels a lot smoother, but it did not help in OBS case).

Even when I stream with a single screen plugged in via DisplayPort, it doesn't make any difference.
I have probably tried every possible fix I could, such as:

a) Turning off the stream preview in OBS.
b) Running OBS/Game/Both as Admin and non-admin (with different combinations).
c) Locking/Unlocking in-game framerate.
d) Streaming with/without adding a webcam as a source.
e) Changing bitrate, resolution, downscale filter etc. in many different combinations.
f) Putting OBS on the main screen instead of the other one.
g) Changing OBS priority in Advanced tab and in Task Manager.
h) Turning off/on MSI Afterburner and GPU OC.

There are no dropped/skipped frames on OBS (except at times when I alt-tab my fullscreen games, but it's natural).
There's no problem with my internet (Download 250Mb/s, Upload 50Mb/s).


i7-10700k (auto OC in MSI BIOS)
2080 Super (no OC)
32GB RAM (with a paging file of 1.5x times the memory size on SSD)
Logitech c920

Attaching a LOG file below. Maybe you'll make something out of that.


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