1. T

    Struggling with Stream Stutters/High GPU Usage

    So I used to stream all the times with 0 issues. Would even stream Destiny 2 day 1 raids for like 20hours at a time and still not an issue. I took a break from streaming for a while and decided to come back to it and it has been nothing but a nightmare. Every stream for some reason is just super...
  2. D

    Games have stuttering caused by OBS Replay Buffer

    While playing BattleBit Remastered I have noticed a very noticeable amount of micro stuttering, which results in me dying or various other things happening, which aren't even my fault. So I did some "troubleshooting", followed some clickbaity YouTube guides, the typical stuff. But then I have...
  3. A

    Small Stutters / Check Settings Correct

    Hi Everybody, Decided to re-post as i am still not sure i have everything correctly. Originally i thought it was just a bit-rate problem. My intention is to Record gameplay at 60fps, 4k with no quality loss. Could someone kindly help me set this up? i have tried with numerous tutorials but i...
  4. I

    Regarding the Intermittent Stutter Issue :O

    I don't think there's much the OBS team can do, since it seems to be an issue with how certain hardware configs interact with Windows 10/11, so we probably have a better chance of resolving the issue by informing Nvidia and Microsoft. AMD and Intel if necessary. While some people have found...
  5. C

    Game stutters with OBS open

    Hello, So I recently got updated internet so I can finally start streaming, and my main game is CSGO. So I got OBS and opened it up, made a window capture because CSGO won't allow you to do a game capture. Just having OBS open on my second monitor I get instant game stuttering until I close...
  6. S

    very laggy/choppy video when finished

    the video preview shown in obs is smooth so is the gameplay and everything else yet when i hit finish recording and watch that recording stuttering everywhere and is just unwatchable in general
  7. A

    Can't find the right settings

    Hello. I have an Acer Aspire E 15 (E5-572G-38HC) laptop, with the following specifications... Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4000M CPU @ 2.40GHz, 3MB L3 cache Installed RAM: 4.00 GB (3.90 GB usable) System type: 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor NVIDIA GeForce 840M with 2 GB...
  8. ivandraga

    Preview screen lags in 10-20 second intervals

    Hi, So with no recording/streaming taking place, OBS lags every so often. I have a PS5 displayed in the live preview. Changed the properties of livegamer 4k and advanced and video settings within OBS. nothing seems to fix it. anyone have ideas? SPECS CPU ryzen 5600x RAM 24 GB 3000mhz GPU...
  9. C

    Control audio via OBS for Alerts causes audio glitching

    Hello~! So, I've been experimenting with OBS for the first time and I've been working on setting it up for some streaming I plan on doing in the near future with some friends. I've run into a couple of issues and this is the one I'm currently focusing on and trying to resolve. Only, I've run...
  10. I

    Minecraft mouse stutter when open OBS.

    Recording in 1080p (60fps) I used to record Minecraft (Java Edition 1.8.9) with OBS Studio, then I took a break like a few months. Now when I open OBS, my Minecraft would stutter when I move my mouse around. When I don't move my mouse, it doesn't stutter. Even with high FPS. When I close OBS...
  11. R

    Audio problem when using UAD console

    Hi guys.. I have an annoying problem. after ten minutes of streaming, my audio got issues. I've noticed it before. I've checked my logs but can anyone help me or give advice? I don't understand it.
  12. F

    duplicate frames in recordings with new PC build

    I built a new PC with the latest hardware in October for 4k60 recording, I started using Shadowplay instead of OBS because it uses less GPU resources. It wasn't until after a few recording sessions that I found out my shadowplay videos had frame dupicates. Bummer, but I'll switch to OBS. Then I...
  13. X

    Microphone Audio Cutting Out

    Hey there, I'm having an issue while trying to do local recordings where the audio from my microphone (and only the audio from the microphone) will randomly drop out in very short pieces. When I put the file into Premiere, I can see the audio dropping out for a frame to a few frames at a time...
  14. S

    pausing every couple seconds whenever i record above 30 fps my game stutters. i have a 2080 super i am recording steamvr btw
  15. V

    OBS being ovearloaded, FPS lag any time it's not tabbed into it Hopefully someone can help me, this has been an ongoing issue for a while now. If I click OBS and make it the main program fps on stream are fine but they lag on my end. But if I click VRChat (the other program running at the time) it says it's being...
  16. Bjorknert

    Game micro stutter/OBS stream fine

    have tryed most settings but the game do not feel smooth when streaming , stream is good and stable but PUBG feels micro studder, but my in game fps is always 171 fps but do not feel smooth tryd caping it at 144, feels the same, have the game cap at 171 in game for the gsync to work and if i...
  17. R

    VR gameplay smooth, OBS recording stuttery mess. High End PC (GEFORCE 4090 / Ryzen 5800X3D)

    So I have no idea what is going on. My gameplay is perfect, but I can't seem to get the stutters out of my OBS recording. No matter what I do. Tried about everything there is to try inside OBS, BIOS, Windows. No missing frames and OBS is not reporting encoder lag or render lag. Running on high...
  18. R

    OBS Capture Card Preview and Stream Stutter

    Hello Everyone. Recently I've noticed that during certain parts of certain games (I'm currently playing Doom Eternal) that my preview is stuttering. OBS says I'm streaming/recording at 60 FPS, but both the stream and the preview doesn't feel like it. As far as I'm aware, it's only happening on...
  19. JoobieDoobieDoo

    Microstutter and skipped frames in preview and recordings. No encoder or Render Lag.

    I have had weird system wide stuttering issues for a long time now, and I've now reached the point that it's beyond what I can search or throw extra money I don't have at the problem to try and solve. I get random strange stutters, micro stutters, and lagspikes/dropped frames to varying...
  20. C

    I will literally pay whoever can help me solve this OBS issue

    No, that is not a joke. I will cash app the person who is able to help me solve this problem $50 or more depending on how much trouble it is to figure out. I have spent far too long trying to resolve this. Here's the overview; every game I try to record in OBS has extremely bothersome...