1. JoobieDoobieDoo

    Microstutter and skipped frames in preview and recordings. No encoder or Render Lag.

    I have had weird system wide stuttering issues for a long time now, and I've now reached the point that it's beyond what I can search or throw extra money I don't have at the problem to try and solve. I get random strange stutters, micro stutters, and lagspikes/dropped frames to varying...
  2. C

    I will literally pay whoever can help me solve this OBS issue

    No, that is not a joke. I will cash app the person who is able to help me solve this problem $50 or more depending on how much trouble it is to figure out. I have spent far too long trying to resolve this. Here's the overview; every game I try to record in OBS has extremely bothersome...
  3. F

    Store record videos on NAS stuttering video Quality

    Hei, I have gone from local pc with a recording card because it made the video super bad quality because the record box I used did not handle 1440p 60 hz very well. so i added OBS on game pc and want to record and send the video to the other pc as NAS, problem startet with Stutter from local pc...
  4. E

    stream studders and drops frames a little

    recently i started streaming subnautica and in game on my end my fps is usually perfectly fine getting around 70-80 fps average. My stream tho however will stutter and drop frames pretty often. any clue to what it could be? pc specs: i7 9700k overclocked rtx 2060 32 gb ram 3000mhz
  5. LPDarkSoulsHD

    Recommended settings for better quality?

    Good evening, all. Can anyone help recommend the best setting for my setup to achieve higher quality recordings? My capture preview seems to drop frames and stutter in the preview window and these things end up in the recordings as well. I've spent many, many hours watching YouTube videos and...
  6. J

    Random fps drops

    Hey guys, im having a weird problem of having my fps or frametime not acting normal on obs. Like once in like lets say 20-30 mins it feels like obs just decides to skip some frames or starts combining then not corretly. The output feels stuttery, yet theres no recording or encoding lag it...
  7. C

    Elgato stutters dual pc setup after 10 minutes of playing

    Hello I have searched everywhere and could not find the solution literally anywhere I have been trying to fix this for days so I have a dual pc setup after 10 minutes of playing valorant the Elgato starts stuttering on stream and in obs. looks like I am running on 40fps but before the...
  8. J

    Duplicates frames in recording / streams

    I have been heavily troubled by having duplicated frames in my recording / streams causing stutters on stream. No encoding or rendering lag reported or dropped frames by twitch I have extremely powerful pc 12900k + 3080ti, i have my games fps locked and never close to maxing out system. Using...
  9. M

    Some games stutter the livestream if GPU reach 100% usage, but some don't

    I know how you need to have free GPU performance to encode the video for OBS in livestreams and recording, but in my experience, some games don't need that free performance. I've stramed some heavy games where my pc wasn't even reaching 60 fps but the livestream didn't stutter, but it still...
  10. J

    Lag/Stuttering Issues on recorded OBS Videos

    Hey everyone! Please Help! to make it short : My Recorded Videos have Lag or Stuttering I don't knot what to call it but it's not fluid. I researched entire google. I tried every single thing. Yes I did run it as Administrator and I tried all the suggested settings. I'm about to give up...
  11. J

    Recordings stutter/lag

    Hello, I'm having some stuttering issues when recording Halo Infinite, but I've also noticed the issue with Genshin Impact. It only appears on recordings -- I have no problems in OBS Studio or in-game. Every few seconds I see what appears like dropped frames, the recording "pauses" like it's...
  12. C

    OBS capture jitter

    I'm having a persistent issue with OBS that I've been unable to solve. Basically, it seems like OBS captures at an uneven pace. Display, Window, Game capture, makes no difference. I have two monitors, one at 120hz, the other at 60hz, though the issue persists even when both monitors are set to...
  13. C

    Video has a consistent stutter issue.

    ever since i factory reset my pc my videos using obs always are stuttery, before i reset it i didnt experience this issue and im using the same settings as i did always. heres the log:
  14. A

    OBS Studio FPS Disastrously Fluctuating

    When I play Rocket League, OBS says that the FPS is going from 60 down to 29*!R>SoSIJ. I have 0 Idea as to how or who OBS thinks they are, but my recordings look like they came out of 2010. Attached is a log file there is.
  15. T

    Lag/stuttering on dual 144hz monitors

    Recently got a 144hz monitor as my main monitor, its QHD with freesync. After I got this, my pc started to lag/stutter in certain games like Knockout City, Rogue Company and Genshin Impact, while other games like Minecraft (with shaders) different horror games and fortnite runs fine. I figured...
  16. C

    Stuttering Audio, Tried Everything

    To date I have... ... verified my drivers are all up to date. ... Made sure my devices all use 48kHz sample rate. ... Turned my bitrate up and down. ... Turned my Audio bitrate up and down. ... Verified my hardware is running cool. ... Tried disabling my webcam. ... Tried swapping USB port for...
  17. rogerddsantos

    Stuttering/cutting audio while OBS is open, not necessarily streaming

    Hi there! So today my OBS decided that he would stutter and cut my whole PC audio while the software is open and I can't find a solution for this. I've already checked the sample rate and it's everything right, did not work in both 44,1 KHz and 48 KHz. I've also made sure that the "allow...
  18. T

    Media Share stutter on Mac OSX - OBS 27.0.1

    Just updated to the newest version of obs with browser docks and everything. Browser sources is very laggy even with hardware acceleration on (or off for that matter) Streamlabs media share is not working in this update. Videos that play in that browser source is fine for a couple of hours...
  19. C

    SIMPLY STARTING OBS causes stutter/lag in all games

    Hello everyone I have been streaming/recording for a couple of months now, and after a lot of help from the internet I had been ''successfully'' utilizing this amazing program. However, I noticed something strange, these last couple of weeks, as the title clearly says. I have done some testing...
  20. C

    OBS Laggy Audio (recording)

    Hello Guys, does anyone know how to fix this Audio problem? I cant find any solutions online, even in the OBS-Discord no one could help me... LOG: Video to hear the audio bug: Audiosettings: