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Hey there,

I'm having an issue while trying to do local recordings where the audio from my microphone (and only the audio from the microphone) will randomly drop out in very short pieces. When I put the file into Premiere, I can see the audio dropping out for a frame to a few frames at a time (see attached screenshot at bottom), but there is no clear interval between when this happens. The video and desktop audio (or console audio, depending on which I'm doing) portions of the recording are good quality and don't stutter at all.

OBS doesn't appear to have any trouble while the recording is happening. CPU use stays at around 10% and I don't see any obvious signs of anything abnormal while recording. I've looked through my logs a few times and the only thing that really stands out to me is that max audio buffering is sometimes reached during recordings, but not necessarily every time.

I've already confirmed that my audio sample rate matches, tried adjusting my webcam settings, tried different file types, tried different encoder settings, tried restarting OBS before recording, run OBS in admin mode, and even done a complete reinstall of OBS and the issue still persists.

This issue seems to only happen in OBS. I've done a test recording using Audacity and OBS simultaneously where the issue happens in the audio recorded from OBS, but not in the audio recorded from Audacity.

Here is a log from a recording session where the issue occurred.

I don't know if I'm missing something really obvious in terms of my setup, and I do know my specs aren't the most powerful, but I have been able to record without this issue in the past.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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Self bumping with some further info:

I've been keeping the log viewer open while I've been tinkering with this and I've noticed that sometimes max audio buffering will be reached when nothing is really happening. I'll just have OBS open, not streaming or recording, and it will randomly come up. I don't know if the audio buffering situation is necessarily relevant to my microphone audio cutting out, but it seems to be a fairly regular occurrence.

Tangentially related, the max audio buffering situation only happens on my "Desktop Audio" source, not the microphone source. The microphone source has had this same thing happen only once since I've been paying attention to the logs, but even then I'm pretty sure it was just adding some buffering to the microphone source, not maxing it out if I recall correctly.

I'm now wondering if this issue is more related to a default setting in OBS rather than the way I've set my stuff up but I honestly have no idea.