audio cutting out

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    Audio cuts out for a few milliseconds every second or so and gets progressively worse as the recording goes on.

    The audio cut outs become longer and happen more frequently as the recording goes on, but this only happens like 10 or 15 minutes into the recording, cutting out every few seconds at the start but getting to the point where its happening multiple times per second, this has happened to me afew...
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    Microphone Audio Cutting Out

    Hey there, I'm having an issue while trying to do local recordings where the audio from my microphone (and only the audio from the microphone) will randomly drop out in very short pieces. When I put the file into Premiere, I can see the audio dropping out for a frame to a few frames at a time...
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    Game audio fading in and out!

    LOG FILE -> I am at the end of my rope with my OBS. I have had this new computer since September 2022 and I have had unending audio issues, to the point that I haven't streamed or recorded content SINCE I GOT IT. As stated in the title, the game...
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    Audio Randomly Cutting Out

    I have been having an audio issue for a while now. When I start OBS, audio works fine. I have the Atem Mini Pro as my audio source. However, the audio will randomly just stop. On the Atem Multiview, audio levels are working fine, and I am still hearing audio from the Multiview TV. It's just OBS...
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    Stream and recording drop capture audio ONLY while streaming from Switch.

    I stream mostly console games and mostly Switch. Recently I have noticed my chat saying game audio is gone, even though I hear it through the OBS monitor and the mixer shows sound coming through. After reviewing my recordings I have found that this issue is present there as well. When I notice...