Stream and recording drop capture audio ONLY while streaming from Switch.


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I stream mostly console games and mostly Switch. Recently I have noticed my chat saying game audio is gone, even though I hear it through the OBS monitor and the mixer shows sound coming through. After reviewing my recordings I have found that this issue is present there as well. When I notice the issue I can "re-seat" the Switch in the dock and this seems to fix things temporarily, but this is happening several times a stream now and if nobody notices and tells me then I'm missing HUGE chunks of game audio. I have searched around and found no one else with this issue.

My setup is:

Switch -> Splitter -> Live Gamer Extreme Capture -> Dell Studio XPS

Log File:


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So I appreciate your speedy reply,

1. I used to stream over ethernet, now I have no option to, so that fix is out.

2. I'm honestly not sure what you meant by your second suggestion, but I use AVG, it's free, I understand it, and I really don't see how that would affect audio captures especially when its ONLY the Switch that has this issue and no other consoles.

3. As far as "game DVR" goes, I have no issue changing it, but do you have an explanation why?

4. My color mode can be changed, but again, not really anything to do with my sound. Twitch might not accept full, but it has never given me any problems with the color range and this will maintain more accurate color for recording. Again, this issue is ONLY the Switch that has this issue and no other consoles.

5. And I already use voicemeeter for breaking out PC game audio, discord, and adding plugins to my mic, I don't have the space to pass through the capture and still have it as a separate sound source for my recordings.

I get the feeling these are some helpful tips on how you prefer to run OBS, but not focused on my actual problem which is losing game audio while streaming and recording, while re-seating the switch fixes this it is intrusive and editing intensive.