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  1. L

    OBS doesn't pick up dialogue audio in Fallout games

    I recently started a playthrough and had been recording everything along the way. After watching one of the recordings back last night I noticed the character dialogue and some of the VATS sounds are completely cut out. Everything else is picked up totally fine. I had this issue with Discord in...
  2. O

    OBS Recording Audio Issues

    I'm having a difficult time figuring out what happened. I was doing some adjusting with duel monitoring but I couldn't hear anything. When I went back to single monitoring, anytime I record a video, I can't hear anything. But when I do "Advanced Audio Properties" and I "Monitor and Output" or...
  3. SRK5

    No Capture Card Audio

    I literally created a forum account just to ask for help. I've used the same capture card for a few months now, mainly to get clips from my Switch games and it's been detecting audio perfectly fine. I recently rearranged my desk, and in doing so I had to unplug my capture card from my Switch and...
  4. K

    OBS Random Crashes

    Hi, I actually created an account because I have no idea how to fix this. My obs has been crashing randomly while streaming, the image itself would move but it would stop all mic activity and if I try to click on it, it does the standard windows crashing. I redownloaded obs and did a clean...
  5. B

    No audio from capture card to second pc UNLESS I have it set as default.

    I have a second pc to stream with, the video (of the main pc) from the capture card works perfectly and goes to my streaming pc, but there's no audio UNLESS I set the capture card playback as default (on main pc) But when I do this I cannot hear anything out of my headset on my main pc. Is...
  6. B

    Audio problem

    I hear the sound of my music perfectly and everything and when I go into OBS, I can't hear the sound of my music on youtube and I hear nothing at all then when I leave Obs, I can hear everything on my computer , Is there a problem with my headphones? And how do I go about fixing this?
  7. J

    Videos in BigBlueButton via OBS virtual camera no sound

    Hello, I'm using OBS with BigBlueButton which works fine in general. I only have problems with sharing videos. I would like to do this via the OBS virtual camera. Film resolution and performance look good but the participants in my BigBlueButton-Room can hear no sound. Is there just a setting...
  8. V

    No audio from the video capture device

    I'm using Acasis HD31, OBS sees the video capture device in the video capture device but not in audio input device. In my other computer, (older version of OBS probably) I was able to get the audio doing the same thing below.
  9. S

    No audio at all

    I know this has been an issue dozens of times. However no matter what, I have the same result. My audio is fine earlier in the day, but once I reopen OBS, all audio is cut no matter what even though nothing changed. I try deleting and redoing the scenes I had over and yet I still get no audio...
  10. C

    OBS - Can monitor audio, video has 0 audio

    If possible to be linked to a similar issue that has been answered to the subject above will great! Thank you. If not answered here is the issue. Current: - OBS - 27.2.3 (64 Bit) ( - latest) - WIN Capture Audio - 2.2.3 - Beta (to separate audio tracks) Used older version - Unknown. I...
  11. M

    Audio in OBS is working, but in recordings cannot hear anything.

    I am using the win-capture-audio v2.2.2-beta plugin to record audio from my applications such as league of legends and spotify. There is audio on the mixer. For my microphone I have added a audio input capture set to my microphone. OBS is not muted in my volume mixer. When I speak or audio...
  12. D

    CODM - No audio from headphones when in game mic on

    Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me as I cannot seem to find the answer to this issue anywhere. I'm streaming Call of Duty Mobile through OBS Studio using Elgato to capture my gameplay from my Asus ROG5 Phone (Android). I plug my headphones into my laptop to get audio from my gameplay and...
  13. sonicgalaxy27

    Game audio issues and lag help

    Hey everyone. I'm currently stuck on the problem for 3 hours now. Everytime I record my video in OBS with my capture card, there is no game audio sound in my video file that I save. This is so freaking frustrating because of it and I really had enough with this issue. Is there a way to solve...
  14. sonicgalaxy27

    OBS no audio when recording

    Hey guys. I got a small problem. How do I get the game audio to have sounds. Everytime I record my video in OBS with my capture card, there is no game audio sound in my video. Is there a way to solve this issue. I need help with this problem please.
  15. CubeNerd67

    Audio from sources not outputted to stream

    I added music and my audio (mic and desktop) in my sources on my normal live scene so I didn’t have to mute my mic if I went to my be right back scene but none of the audio goes to the stream except some music I put on my be right back scene. Why doesn’t it go to the stream? log file...
  16. MurdoMaclachlan

    No audio track in output recording (Slackware Current)

    Kind of as the title says. Recording/streaming with OBS 26.1.1 on Slackware Current, the audio in the mixer shows like it's working and I can monitor it and everything, but in the output file there is no audio, and when I imported it into a video editor, it shows I don't just have silent audio...
  17. R

    Stream and recording drop capture audio ONLY while streaming from Switch.

    I stream mostly console games and mostly Switch. Recently I have noticed my chat saying game audio is gone, even though I hear it through the OBS monitor and the mixer shows sound coming through. After reviewing my recordings I have found that this issue is present there as well. When I notice...
  18. R

    URGENT!!! Audio works in OBS but we aren't getting audio on the stream!

    This started happening recently. Ive looked at tones of other forum post related to this problem but none of the "fixes" helped us. Audio and video comes from our BlackMagic Web Presenter. Media sources like .mp3 files play audio correctly on the stream but not our Web Presenter. We have all...
  19. S

    No Audio?

    I had recorded about 4 long clips of gameplay for use in a YouTube video, however, only 3/4 of those clips had audio, the 4th clip was 4 hours long and when I tried playing it on VLC to make sure it worked correctly, there was no audio, at first I thought it was just a bug with VLC, then I tried...