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  1. M

    Question / Help ATEM Mini - Audio went Mono with No Sound

    Recently, OBS with my ATEM mini stopped providing sound output. Originally, I setup the ATEM mini as a video capture device and "Use custom audio device" was checked. The audio mixer showed a dual/stereo monitor bar and sound levels were displayed and output. Recently, the sound stopped being...
  2. S

    Question / Help No audio in recording?

    OBS detects that there is sound coming from all the sources I have but there is no audio when I playback the recording.
  3. H

    Question / Help OBS not capturing Discord Audio

    Prior to the most recent update, OBS was working fine with recording audio. Which I use for various purposes. Both for recording sessions, and for streaming on Twitch. Now that it's updated. I can't get OBS to capture the audio from my friends over Discord. Which has been really, really...
  4. S

    Question / Help No audio from clip

    Good morning, I recorded a segment using OBS. The set up was my Yeti, my Mac, and A DSLR. When I play the video back, there is sound. When I select the file to insert back into OBS to produce a video using that segment... there is no audio. Help.
  5. PhysicistSouravDas

    Question / Help No mic recording in OBS studio

    For the last few days, I am trying to solve this issue. I have read most of the old post here and tried everything mentioned, but still, audio is not recorded. Find the log file here: Kindly help me. I am trying to record by plugging in an external...
  6. G

    Question / Help No audio on stream or recording, only on monitor

    Hey! So, this issue is really weird, and every solution I've found so far hasn't fixed the issue. I can hear the audio locally when I am monitoring ("monitor and output") the sound - regardless of source. I have an audio file, two NDI sources (Skype), desktop audio, and a microphone. All of...
  7. F

    Question / Help Audio Detected By OBS But Not Sent To Stream Or Recording

    The Issue: Capture card audio is not being sent to stream I have two capture cards (AVer Live Extreme and AVer ExtremeCap U3) plugged into my computer. In OBS, the audio meters move accordingly to the audio being played through both capture cards. If I go into the mixer and select Advanced...
  8. V

    Question / Help Only using headset, when i stream i can hear the audio in the headset but the stream can not.

    So ive been trying to set up my stream for the past week watching every video i can get my hands on in hopes of getting this right but nothing makes the game audio play on a recording or stream ( more focused on streaming ) which is weird as the headset is the only audio source and every option...
  9. U

    Question / Help No Game Audio on Stream when Switching from 240p to 480i

    Hi, I have been having a issue when Streaming recently, i dont recall having this issue in the past but my last stream was a hassle, my chat informed me during my stream that i had no Game audio and when i looked at OBS it seemed to be running the audio fine thru my Capture card, i had to close...
  10. TheXyPod

    Question / Help Audio Input Capture Has No Audio

    Hey All, I recently took a break from streaming, and when I went to go live tonight, I have run into a problem tonight that has me pulling my hair out trying to figure it out. My audio from my sound card box is just not getting through to OBS. I add a Audio Input Capture, select my input, and...
  11. P

    Question / Help No sound Media source/Video source

    Even though my mixer is showing sound output, I can't hear the sound until after I record. I have changed the advanced audio properties to "Monitor and Output" but still can't hear anything. My audio in settings is also set up correctly. Also my volume mixer is up on the windows 10. Please help!
  12. D

    Question / Help Help!! PC OBS Not Recieving Audio From S9 Mixer, But MacBook Is!?

    I am a DJ trying to stream mixes to Twitch by using OBS, and my mixer is a Pioneer DJM-S9. OBS recognizes the mixer but doesn’t receive sound, no matter if it is the Input Audio Capture Device, Output Audio Capture Device, or Desktop Audio. I notice that in my PC’s sound settings that it isn’t...
  13. K

    Question / Help Mic & Game Audio Not Captured

    Hello, so I have been trying to record myself playing a game, but the audio is not being
  14. D

    Question / Help OBS ASIO Driver Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 Hi there, I own a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 and my plan is to Stream on twitch via OBS some music with my E-Drumset. the Drumset is plugged in via MIDI In and gets it sounds from AddictiveDrums 2 (AD2). The problem i have is, that the actual sound...
  15. O

    Question / Help No audio

    Hi, I'm new with OBS. I'm using Razer Ripsaw HD capture card and everythings looking good, but i can't hear sounds from it in OBS. Desktop sounds are working fine, but nothing coming from the CC. I was speaking with Razer support and they don't know what is wrong and they told me to contact OBS...
  16. C

    Question / Help Audio appearing in OBS but nothing in recording/stream (SOLVED)

    I'm sick of this issue I have scoured the internet for hours and tried everything so I'm finally succumbing and giving the issue to the community to see if anyone else has a solution. I streamed all night last night and sound was not an issue. I have game and microphone audio running from my...
  17. B

    Question / Help Recorded a video in obs, game audio works on all platforms but voice recording only seems to play in windows media player

    Recorded a video in obs, game audio works on all platforms but voice recording only seems to play in windows media player. I am new to obs so I'm still learning, I followed a youtube tutorial to set things up but after uploading it to youtube there is only game audio and none from my microphone...
  18. T

    Question / Help AVerMedia LGP2 no audio in OBS

    Hi there everyone, I've been having a lot of capture card issues of late, due to an issue with my USB 3.0. So I decided until that is fixed, I would get something that allows me to play my PS4 through my USB 2.0. I bought an AVerMedia LGP2, but I am not receiving any audio from it through OBS...
  19. C

    Question / Help No Audio on video imported to scene.

    Hey all, I'm importing an mp4 video with audio in a scene to have a pre-stream scene going. It's basically a sort of b-roll clip with a musical track. The video comes up but it doesn't have audio. Is that an OBS limitation or a "my shit Windows 10 PC" audio problem? I have audio when I watch...