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  1. ChilledNips

    Question / Help No Stinger Audio.

    Hey, everyone, I'd appreciate some help! I have a stinger set which I've used before and heard the audio fine. Upon opening OBS recently, I can't hear it when transitioning like normal as well as nothing is being registered on the desktop audio. The game and discord are picked up fine and can be...
  2. S

    Question / Help No Audio From GV-USB2

    I've been searching around for a couple of weeks for an answer as to why this is occurring, and haven't found anything that works for me yet. Hoping someone may be able to help with this. I've had a GV-USB2 for a few years now, and it used to work just fine. A couple of weeks ago, I decided...
  3. H

    Bug Report 64 Bit OBS Not working with displays, but 32 bit works fine.

    The 64bit version of the software will recognize, but not allow for recording/display of my mointors. Will work with game capture, but display captrue will not. 32 bit version, however, works just fine. Not sure why. Attaching logs.
  4. D

    Question / Help No audio in OBS

    Before I started to steam my audio was working just fine. The moment I started no more. I have tried everything. I'm using the chat link that I bought specifically for the Elgato. The audio doesn't even work in the Elgato software. I have it set to analog audio and I still have none. I've hit...
  5. polo

    Question / Help VoiceMeeter Input does not work in OBS Studio

    Hi, Basically, I am using VoiceMeeter to manage my Input/Output, and have been using it with success for months now, however I recently launched OBS (yesterday) with all of the same settings as usual, and OBS is not detecting/recording any audio (the audio bar thingie isn't moving either)...
  6. eulix_

    Question / Help No Desktop Audio

    I was streaming earlier through StreamLabs OBS and I was going to use OBS to record gameplay. However my desktop audio isn't getting detected even as I am playing music. Without having SLOBS open, OBS is still unable to detect audio. I also don't know if this is an issue but it always...
  7. O

    Question / Help OBS Studio - Records Microphone, but no Discord/Display Audio

    I have recently tried to use OBS along with Voicemeeter banana. While testing out the new settings with Voicemeeter and OBS, it appears that my microphone audio (Blue yeti) is more prominent and the audio from discord and my display are not being picked up or are very faint in the background. In...