obs 26.1.1

  1. N

    Problems with the internet.

    Hi, im streaming in Twitch with obs, i have a bitrate of 1200 kbs but my upload velocity is of 2500 kbs when i up the bitrate to 2500 the stream have lag and the square is in red, solutions? Sorry for my English, i from Argentina xd Thanks you for reading :)
  2. betjal

    OBS fullscreen problem

    Hi there, I've got a slight fullscreen problem in OBS. At the moment my streaming computer with an Elgato HD60Pro is broken so I use my gaming computer to stream. With all games it works fine except the Star Wars Galaxies Emulation. The Game settings are 1920x1080 (fullscreen). In OBS I have...
  3. Muneeb Hassan

    OBS and ZOOM screen share with virtual camera

    I want to share my screen as an obs virtual camera. In scene, I want to add sources of ppt slides, zoom participant as a guest, and my webcam. But to add guest in the source I added window capture of zoom meeting with grid view, but when I share my virtual camera as the screen the window capture...
  4. V

    I got a low Resolution video either if i have a good bitrate Help

    Hey I'm Noah and I want to do Youtube but when I record I watch it back but have a low resolution whatever settings I try. on Youtube it says video quality 1080p 60fps HD but it doesn't look like it I know it's probably not my bitrate I don't know but help pls log file...
  5. S

    How do I stop OBS from making voices robotic when recording?

    Trouble on the Skocian Seas 2 - YouTube It starts around 2 mintues into the video.
  6. R

    Stream and recording drop capture audio ONLY while streaming from Switch.

    I stream mostly console games and mostly Switch. Recently I have noticed my chat saying game audio is gone, even though I hear it through the OBS monitor and the mixer shows sound coming through. After reviewing my recordings I have found that this issue is present there as well. When I notice...