Minecraft mouse stutter when open OBS.


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Recording in 1080p (60fps)

I used to record Minecraft (Java Edition 1.8.9) with OBS Studio, then I took a break like a few months. Now when I open OBS, my Minecraft would stutter when I move my mouse around. When I don't move my mouse, it doesn't stutter. Even with high FPS. When I close OBS, the stutter disappeared. This never happened to me before. This ONLY happens when I play Minecraft on fullscreen. When I minimize it, the stutter disappeared. I tried disabling fullscreen optimizations, running OBS as administrator, changing mouse polling rate to other frequencies, disabling mouse acceleration, still nothing happens. Others say, capping your fps to your monitor's refresh rate. This helps a bit. Or maybe enabling V-Sync? I did and mouse stuttering disappeared! The only thing is my fps is capped at 60 fps (it will match your monitor's refresh rate) and my mouse is delaying (input lagging). I wanted Minecraft to be at high fps, not 60. And my recording settings still the same. Like other YouTubers do.

I use Game Capture to record Minecraft.

RTX 3060

Logs during a 30 second recording:

Video Clip:


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i've struggled with this for about a year, and after an hour of troubleshooting i found the solution:

minimizing OBS

very anticlimactic, i know. hope it works for you!



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That works! But now I have another problem.
When I open browser or something else in the background, it happens the same thing. My mouse in Minecraft stutters. And I have to minimize everything except Minecraft to get it to work properly. Thanks though!