1. U

    OBS Python OBS Studio mouse cursor skin 0.2.0

    Selected source will follow mouse pointer. It will update position of the source according to mouse movement. Usage: - Create source with desired cursor(e.g Image source or Media source). - In scripts select that source name. - Test it: press Start, press Stop, tweak refresh rate. Crop auto...
  2. zhangyun

    Question / Help Click the mouse, the software pop-up box will not be displayed

    OBS on the left, Software on the right
  3. T

    Question / Help External mouse & keyboard issues

    Hi, I recently changed to new a laptop HP Zbook (I am using dock, external mouse, external keyboard and external monitor). As I start to do anything in OBS, external mouse and external keyboard stop working. Laptop touchpad and keyboard work normally. Closing OBS won't make any difference, they...
  4. I

    Question / Help moise keyboard and camera freezing for a couple second

    basically since a wee ago when i stream my mouse, keyboard and cam freezes when i use obs constantly if anyone knows whats the problem please help me out. heres my logs
  5. C

    Question / Help OBS Stutters/Lags after a while if I don’t move the mouse

    I’m streaming from my PS4 Pro through an Elgato HD60 S capture card into OBS on my Windows 10 MSi GE63 laptop. Everything works perfectly, but OBS stutters/lags if I don’t move the mouse for a while. As soon as I move the mouse, everything runs perfectly again. This actually happens whether I’m...
  6. A

    Question / Help Mouse Lag with OBS (or mouse studder/glitch/ect)

    Hello, I have an issue with OBS. Every time I open OBS Studio, my game (minecraft) Starts to act weird. My game runs about 300 to 700fps, but when in fullscreen, it feels like it is so laggy when I move the mouse around. but when you are just walking forward and backwads you don't notice it. in...
  7. L

    Question / Help Mouse offset on OBS window

    I recently updated my Arch computer and found that OBS was no longer tracking my mouse correctly such that I cannot click on any UI elements. This is the obs-studio build from community. I captured a video of me clicking all the buttons, and showing that the main OBS window is highlighted blue...
  8. J

    Question / Help Mute mouse click

    Hello, does anyone know how do i mute the mouse click so its sound is not present in the recording? Thanks
  9. C

    Free Magic Window

    Magic Window was developed to streamline the process of showing what's around the mouse cursor without having to edit recordings. Magic Window works by painting a portion of the screen to a window that OBS can see, but one that we cannot. What's supported in version * Command-line...
  10. JakubKoralewski

    OBS Python OBS Cursor Recorder v0.4

    cursor-recorder Records mouse movement to a file and opens it in After Effects. Use with OBS Studio as an external Python script or if you prefer a more manual approach, using the standalone Python script. Then use the After Effects script to import the generated cursor movement data. This is...
  11. N

    Question / Help Mouse delay

    Hi, I have a problem when recording fortnite with the obs, every time I open the recorder I feel a great delay on my mouse, about 0.50 seconds of delay but that really disturbs me, and even if I close the program the problem continues, unless I play without having opened the program, I wanted to...
  12. J

    Question / Help Massive mouse lag in game when streaming.

    I have a strong PC build and my games run perfectly fine. However, when I stream although my fps is stable at 60fps or above, its impossible to play games like Overwatch. As soon as I stream, when I move my mouse in game it takes literally 1-2 seconds for it to register and makes aiming...
  13. T

    Question / Help re-occurring mouse lag problem in Minecraft only when recording

    This is one of those issues that always manages to come back. Every time I fix it, it comes back. Basically. here is the deal, when i join the game and launch obs studio, it works fine. But when i hit the record button, the mouse lags like crazy. This is very unusual, because I have fixed the...
  14. universallp

    Input Overlay v4.8

    Input Overlay is a small plugin for obs studio that shows keyboard, mouse and gamepad inputs on stream. It adds two new source types to obs: Input Overlay and Input History How does it work? The plugin uses a texture and a config file to create the overlay. This means that you can configure...