Question / Help Mouse offset on OBS window


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I recently updated my Arch computer and found that OBS was no longer tracking my mouse correctly such that I cannot click on any UI elements. This is the obs-studio build from community.

I captured a video of me clicking all the buttons, and showing that the main OBS window is highlighted blue when my mouse is way off the window and to the left, but is no longer highlighted when my mouse is hovering over the display screen, itself. That video can be found here:

I also tried building OBS from source, and the same problem persisted.

Relevant specs:

Arch Linux 64-bit
Nvidia GTX970 with `nvidia` drivers
Intel i7-5820K

Posting as a general question for now, as I cannot confirm this is a bug or something I have done wrong on my end. I did search for something similar before posting, but most of the issues I found were related to the mouse input on the games they were streaming, not on the OBS UI, itself. I wasn't sure what information to include here, so please let me know what other relevant information you need!

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