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Magic Window was developed to streamline the process of showing what's around the mouse cursor without having to edit recordings. Magic Window works by painting a portion of the screen to a window that OBS can see, but one that we cannot.

What's supported in version

* Command-line arguments
* Custom profiles via the profiles.txt file
* Custom window resolutions
* Custom redraw rates
* Multiple monitors

Known issues:
* 4K resolution might not be supported

Possible Solutions:
* Try experimenting with your DPI scaling settings (This software was created and tested using 1920x1080 resolution with 100% text scaling/normal DPI settings)

See the included profiles.txt file on how to configure Magic Window. To select or apply a profile's configuration, right click Magic Window's tray icon and click on the desired profile. The behavior is that whatever option is defined in the selected profile is merged with the current configuration. This allows you to write your own configuration to apply certain options exclusively.

To use in OBS, add a Window Capture source and be sure to uncheck the "Capture Cursor" option. Magic Window works by painting to a window that shadows the mouse cursor. It ignores all mouse events and passes them straight through to the underlying window or program as if it weren't even there! The only caveat is that the method this program uses to capture the screen does not (and cannot) include the cursor, so one has to be drawn to the window.
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Wow, so simple and amazing! I just needed to record super-quick tutorial for someone and needed something to just follow my mouse around. Perfect.
Exactly what I was looking for. Captures everything, was worried there might be hooking issues for games but this works perfect! A lot of customization options in the txt. Zero issues so far.
It would be great an activate/deactivate shortcut key.
I will take it into consideration! Because this was made to supplement OBS, I hoped users would use OBS to handle shortcuts and the hiding/showing of video sources.