Question / Help Mouse Lag with OBS (or mouse studder/glitch/ect)


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Hello, I have an issue with OBS. Every time I open OBS Studio, my game (minecraft) Starts to act weird. My game runs about 300 to 700fps, but when in fullscreen, it feels like it is so laggy when I move the mouse around. but when you are just walking forward and backwads you don't notice it. in windowed mode this issue is slightly better but the mouse lag is still there. On stream / recording, sometimes you can notice is, but its usually only on my end.

I have a Lenovo Legion Y540
Intel Core I7-9750H and a CPU of 2.60GHz
16GB of RAM

I am very confused and not sure what to do. I have tried everything and i've worked with obs for a long time. and know my way around it, but i was not able to crack this one.
In this video, I have move my mouse around so you can see what I experience.

Thank you so much for reading through this. Please get back to me whenever you can.
Please message me on Discord if you can help me Arash#3621