mouse lag

  1. gi1242

    System slowdown when using Zoom + OBS (virtual camera) on Multiple monitors

    Hi All, I'm noticing a noticeable display lag (mouse cursor not smooth) when I create a virtual camera with OBS and use it on Zoom with two monitors. Steps to reproduce: Open Zoom, start a video call (no lag) Open OBS, start a virtual camera and share a window/monitor (no lag) Switch the...
  2. E

    enable preview cause sudden frame drop

    No matter i stream or not,use x264 or nvenc,just enable preview always cause sudden frame drop.the frame drop is just a sudden,at first i wasnt realize it,i thought it was mouse lag. It didnt happen before i bought my new main screen which is 2560x1440 240hz. My old set up was 1080p 144hz&900p...
  3. BoardRoomGamer

    Question / Help Mouse lags only when launching OBS

    So I've seen a lot of threads that address "Game Lag" or "Mouse lag while playing or streaming" This is not what I"m talking about here. I'm saying that when I launch OBS v 25.0.4 My mouse lags tremendously to the point it's pretty useless. If I hit "ALT" "F" "X" to exit OBS my mouse control...
  4. A

    Question / Help Mouse Lag with OBS (or mouse studder/glitch/ect)

    Hello, I have an issue with OBS. Every time I open OBS Studio, my game (minecraft) Starts to act weird. My game runs about 300 to 700fps, but when in fullscreen, it feels like it is so laggy when I move the mouse around. but when you are just walking forward and backwads you don't notice it. in...
  5. W

    Question / Help My mouse is lagging in r6 when steaming

    When im streaming the stream looks fine, kill cams look fine, but i see like 20 fps for my mouse im running at 144 fps 144 htz monitor and its still lagging. im in performance mode i just dont know what else to do and i wanna stream
  6. N

    Question / Help Mouse delay

    Hi, I have a problem when recording fortnite with the obs, every time I open the recorder I feel a great delay on my mouse, about 0.50 seconds of delay but that really disturbs me, and even if I close the program the problem continues, unless I play without having opened the program, I wanted to...
  7. B

    Question / Help Mouse lag when recording

    Alright so when i start the stream i have somehow mouse lag, not so responsive and it is visible and i don't really know what to do, also i have 300-400 fps in game (csgo) log: can i get a response please?
  8. T

    Question / Help re-occurring mouse lag problem in Minecraft only when recording

    This is one of those issues that always manages to come back. Every time I fix it, it comes back. Basically. here is the deal, when i join the game and launch obs studio, it works fine. But when i hit the record button, the mouse lags like crazy. This is very unusual, because I have fixed the...