OBS choppy when moving mouse in game


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So basically I stream different games and I've had this problem for a while thinking it would go away by itself (idk why). Whenever i stream a game it runs smoothly but whenever i start moving the mouse it gets choppy and lags every 1.5 second just cuts quickly which is very annoying as said it is only whenever i use the mouse running around in fx among us is smooth but when i start using the mouse it gets choppy on the stream but my game still runs smooth on my own screen.

1060 GTX Nvidia graphics card with CPU is Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700HQ
Using an MSI laptop with a secondary screen and I have streamed without this problem before but its been like this for a while now


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Guys i found a fix on it through experimenting with OBS.
Basically I had too many sources on that scene that i used for my games! (Like 20+ game capture sources and stuff) after removing them it made my stream waaaay more smooth!

For anyone having this problem check the amount of sources you have on the scene!


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I basically have the same issue, but just with Rainbow Six Siege and I only have one source so I don't have a clue what could be the problem. Also sometimes it works and sometimes not at all which is also pretty annoying


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I'm having the same isse, although I have a normal computer with low specs I run very very smooth while recording, But when I move my mouse, in Minecraft, Boom feels like my PC is literal Garbage, here is the video


Since it seems to be caused by OBS it may be that rotating the view gives the program too much data to process and compress, so CPU usage goes way up


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I have exact same issue. And this issue also show up when there's other videos like youtube playing in background. I think it the issue because the preview windows in obs. But I don't know why. Even though I disabled preview. I still facing screen tearing and choppy movement(Only movement caused by mouse. WASD doesn't affect) even game itself have more than 200 fps.
The solution I found is put your OBS in another virtual desktop. And game itself at also another virtual desktop.
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I was having this issue, I fixed it by running OBS as admin. My cursor is now as smooth as it is normally.