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OBS Lua Zoom to Mouse 1.0.1

An OBS lua script to zoom a display-capture source to focus on the mouse when you press the assigned hotkey. You can optionally toggle following your cursor so that it is always in view while zoomed in. Cropping and positioning of the source is also supported.

I made this script for my own use when recording videos. I wanted a way to zoom into my IDE when highlighting certain sections of code. I know there are existing solutions for zooming in OBS but I couldn't get them working the way I wanted with my setup, so I made this.

Maybe it will be useful for someone else too.

Now supports Windows/Mac/Linux
First release
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  1. Added support for Mac and Linux

    If you are using OBS on linux or mac, you should now be able to use this script to zoom to a...

Latest reviews

It just works like a charm. Super easy to set up and zooms as expected. Thank you very much for this script. Using: macos 14.4.1 + OBS 30.1.2
Also coming over from the Python Script, thanks to Andilippi!
As others mentioned, i had the Python script to mousezoom in mind that to implement i failed and now i wanted to give it a new try.
Big surprise! Foolproof implementation, smooth functioning, very easy to configure! Excellent!
Excellent plugin, I'm using OBS on macOS, the .lua file is easy to install and easy to use.
One thing I would like for the plugin in the future: the ability to center the capture screen in the middle of the screen when my mouse is pointing the corner of my screen.
But that is a very specific demand, the plugin is already great.
Works great, no prerequisites, no crashing. Thank you!
This works flawlessly, very helpful for teaching and making videos
First: the script run at MacOs and I'm so happy to find a easy to install and easy to understand Zoom. My envirement needs to check: Allow all resources - without it doen't found any Display Capture. Many thanks for these great help for my stream and recording. Many thanks for your work and to share this script with us!
Been struggling for months with the Python based OBS Zoom and Follow Mouse script. This one is working flawlessly on Manjaro Linux with my multiple monitor setup.
It's way more easy to install and use than the other script that uses python. The only caveat is the display capture keeps blinking every time I switch scenes from one that does not have the display capture active. Hope it gets fixed soon.
This issue is now fixed on the latest version! Thanks for the help tracking it down.
works great