1. royshilkrot

    Detect - Object Detection, Tracking built-in OBS v0.0.3

    A plugin that allows you to detect >80 types of objects in any source, track them and apply masking. If you like this work please consider supporting it by sponsoring us on GitHub, Patreon or OpenCollective This work uses the great contributions from EdgeYOLO-ROS and PINTO-Model-Zoo. Contact...
  2. zhHighwayRacer03

    OBS Green Screen (video must go with green screen)

    So the green screen works, I need a solution so that the video stays on the TV and doesn't move. The video is just a test video. Video
  3. B

    OBS Lua Zoom to Mouse 1.0.1

    An OBS lua script to zoom a display-capture source to focus on the mouse when you press the assigned hotkey. You can optionally toggle following your cursor so that it is always in view while zoomed in. Cropping and positioning of the source is also supported. I made this script for my own use...
  4. henRYANand

    Tracking a point in OBS

    Hey there everyone! Let's get straight to the point: I do my streams with a facemask on, and now I want to track something, like an image or my live-chat TO that facemask. Does anyone have any idea on how to track certain points or something in OBS studio? Like a certain plugin or something? I...
  5. tryptech

    OBS Python Zoom and Follow 0.1.0

    Have you ever needed to zoom in on your screen to show some fine detail work, or to make your large 4k/ultrawide monitor less daunting? Zoom and Follow for OBS Studio does exactly that, zooms in on your mouse and follows it around. Configurable and low-impact, you can now do old school Camtasia...