motion tracking

  1. B

    OBS Lua Zoom to Mouse 1.0.1

    An OBS lua script to zoom a display-capture source to focus on the mouse when you press the assigned hotkey. You can optionally toggle following your cursor so that it is always in view while zoomed in. Cropping and positioning of the source is also supported. I made this script for my own use...
  2. E

    OBS face tracking or a Point on Movies (DONT Camera)

    Hey friends, i cannot find a solution for my problem, i wanna record on my screen a clip and its very hard to focus the men on it, is there a solution how i can handle this? Thank a lot
  3. tryptech

    OBS Python Zoom and Follow 0.1.0

    Have you ever needed to zoom in on your screen to show some fine detail work, or to make your large 4k/ultrawide monitor less daunting? Zoom and Follow for OBS Studio does exactly that, zooms in on your mouse and follows it around. Configurable and low-impact, you can now do old school Camtasia...
  4. savmikeonthemic

    Motion Tracking / Match Moving Effect?

    I don't know if this has been suggested before (or if anyone really wants this for their streams), but why not a motion tracking / match moving effect or plugin that locks Scenes or other Sources onto moving shapes in the program window? As an example, I found these pictures from the manuals for...