Motion Tracking / Match Moving Effect?


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I don't know if this has been suggested before (or if anyone really wants this for their streams), but why not a motion tracking / match moving effect or plugin that locks Scenes or other Sources onto moving shapes in the program window? As an example, I found these pictures from the manuals for NewTek's Tricaster systems:

Tricaster Tracking 1.png
Tricaster Tracking 2.png
Tricaster Tracking 3.png

I have been doing some research of my own, and I found out that OpenCV & ArUco use markers to track 3D objects in real time; I've attached the links I found below. Does anyone know if it's possible to add or customize these libraries for what I have in mind? Or should I find another way?

ArUco Homepage

OpenCV - Detection of ArUco Markers

OpenCV: Detection of Diamond Markers



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Doable but pretty challenging from a programming perspective. Buy a couple monitors cause you'll probably punch a few.

Its really important to understand also, that Newtek has been in the broadcast business since the 80s. I think they actually may have been the first to implement this type of live motion tracking as well. They're just really good at video things.

That said, I'd imagine such a plugin would be quite popular for OBS.
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I realize it's been a while since your original post, but I wonder if you ever found a way?

I really want to do this!