Store record videos on NAS stuttering video Quality


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Hei, I have gone from local pc with a recording card because it made the video super bad quality because the record box I used did not handle 1440p 60 hz very well. so i added OBS on game pc and want to record and send the video to the other pc as NAS, problem startet with Stutter from local pc. then I run as admin problem went away. then I try to get NAS storage to work, ended up adding a "EnableLinkConnections" inn regestry and it works.

Now stuttering of video recordings when its been sendt to the other pc. the network speed I have between the pc is 866.7 to 1600 Mbps (Yes its wifi and Yes cable is slower then wifi when its maxed out)

why is the video stuttering when sending over recording file inn mkv. 1080p60 scaled bitrate 5000 Kbps.
Is there a way to script that video from local SSD to NAS after video is created so I can forget the video exist on temp SSD?


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There is something wrong with your network if WiFi is faster than wired Ethernet
Unless Game PC is only 1GbE wired Ethernet, but faster WiFi and you have a > 1GbE interface on the NAS, and only a single WiFi client, and no WiFi neighbors. and then there is WiFi overhead.... etc...

And a peak value does NOT indicate what is important in this situation which involves Jitter & sustained (not Peak) throughput
WiFi is a terrible transmission medium for video. streaming services accomplish it with heavy compression and buffering.

Try a test - copy a 10+GB video to NAS from local SDD over WiFi then over Ethernet and time them both. Most likely wired Ethernet will be faster.
so, yea, recording over WiFi to a NAS... no surprise you are having trouble. Now, with that said, it is possible (but would require advance knowledge and skills to configure, and confirm sustained performance)

As for scripting a move of the video after recording ends... yes, lots of options to do that (at OS level, or within OBS, your choice). I use Windows native ROBOCOPY a lot in CMD batch/scripts, but only because I know it well. Lots of other options.