1. C

    Best laptop for OBS?

    Hi, I want to start a YouTube channel and start recording FIFA gameplay for PS4. Does anyone have any recommendations for the best laptop to use or what type of laptop I should be looking for? My budget is £500. I will also have the other required softwares on their as well.
  2. T

    Data rate on videos is higher than usual

    Log file: I'm recording with CQP rate control set at level 18. This has worked for me before, giving me bitrates around 3,000-5,000. But recently, the bitrate has become 30,000-35,000, which takes up way to much storage, and I don't know why. OBS is...
  3. F

    Store record videos on NAS stuttering video Quality

    Hei, I have gone from local pc with a recording card because it made the video super bad quality because the record box I used did not handle 1440p 60 hz very well. so i added OBS on game pc and want to record and send the video to the other pc as NAS, problem startet with Stutter from local pc...
  4. R

    Destination folder deleted during recording

    When I record my screen, since my pc only has a limited storage of 128 GB, i prefer to store the recordings directly in a virtual drive made by google drive stream. However, due to some reason the file stream stopped working and the virtual drive disappeared. If so, then where would the...
  5. Scoobymenace

    Question / Help Recent 3 hour recording was 200Gb? Is that normal?

    So I recently recorded 3 hours of gameplay using Nvidia NVENC x264 (new) using CQP with a CQ of 16 - All other settings were the ones recommended via the guide found on this forum. My question is, is this a normal size for these settings? Also considering I'll be uploading them to Youtube after...
  6. F

    Question / Help Recordings taking up double listed space

    So I did a big recording today (about 1 hour), and the end result took up about 10GB. Or at least that's what it said in the bottom left corner of the file explorer when I click on it. When I right click and go into properties though, it says that it takes up 20GB. Now this wouldn't be too much...
  7. R

    Question / Help Multi-Cam Recording and Storage for Editing?

    I am setting up multiple webcams (at least 4) with the hope of live-streaming AND capturing video for post-production edits later on. Can OBS not only record what we LIVESTREAM, but record and store ALL CAMERA videos simultaneously to use for for editing later on?
  8. E

    Question / Help Where are the personal settings located?

    I was thinking of backing up everything related to OBS Studio on a flash drive as I don't want to lose any personal setups in case of a hard drive failure; so that I can just copy-paste everything back into a new install and have my old scenes and everything as originally setup at startup. In...