Question / Help Where are the personal settings located?


I was thinking of backing up everything related to OBS Studio on a flash drive as I don't want to lose any personal setups in case of a hard drive failure; so that I can just copy-paste everything back into a new install and have my old scenes and everything as originally setup at startup. In the obs-studio folder, which files hold the information regarding settings, scenes and overlays (not the resource files obviously, but any related files, if any)?


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Open File Explorer, click in the adress path (up on top) and type in this adress: %appdata%
Then press enter. Locate the obs-studio folder and back it up.

In other words:


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Yes, this folder including all of its subfolders is the only one you need to backup. There is no additional folder to watch. There is also no need to backup anything from the Windows registry.

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There is Export/Import under the Scene Collections and Profiles entries of the main menu.
In File menu you can find shortcut to Show Settings Folder.