60fps lag

  1. LPDarkSoulsHD

    Choppy/Low FPS with PS5 @ 4K60?

    Good evening, all. So I recently upgraded to a 4K setup and I'm having a really hard time configuring the best settings to get the highest quality recordings. When I was recording at 1080p, the preview windows and saved recordings never looked sloppy. However, at 4K, it looks kind of choppy. I...
  2. D

    60fps stream drops to 30fps at random times

    Hello, I was streaming a game of Apex yesterday when my stream started to look like it was lagging without dropping frames on my PC or on the network, CPU usage sat around 2-3% and I can't find anything myself, but I have the included log file here. Thank you for reading!
  3. K

    OBS Log Analyzer Says The log is fine but when im recording i get frame drop

    https://obsproject.com/logs/HNHDZ75dApkBAkzv ive been trying for the past 3 days to fix this i also get lag when im just recording my desktop so any idea would help alot
  4. K

    Can't understand how to have 60 fps stable in a simple game

    Hi everyone, I'm here to ask your help to what I hope to be a simple problem. So, I wanted to record some The Binding of Isaac runs, not streaming, with my webcam too. I'd like to have them at 1080p 60fps. Not much to ask I think, standard good quality videos. Well, after having tried for some...
  5. Z

    Video looks laggy / not 60fps

    log file; https://obsproject.com/logs/r-7eCSlpldAtvFyZ so im playing with over 100fps but the video i got after recording doesnt look that smooth at all the cq level is 15 and the keyframe interval is 2 btw idk why but it keeps changing to my language number thing. my spec is rtx2060 ryzen 5...
  6. B

    OBS Studio 64 bit USB video capture very laggy at 60fps while recording Xbox Series S

    Good morning, I write this post to describe my problem. I bought a game capture capable of recording my xbox series S in 1080p 60fps (here is the link: Scheda di Acquisizione Video HDMI, Game Capture Card con microfono-in 4K 60fps Bassa Latenza Video Grabber per Registrazione Video, Ddiretta...
  7. W

    High-end PC, but real-time stream does not feel like 60FPS to me and other people watching

    Hello! I've had a certain problem for quite a long time. When watching back a real-time stream on my phone or PC, I can't seem to get a smooth performance out of my stream as everyone else does (it feels a lot better on VODs, so can't really show what I mean by linking one). It feels like the...
  8. Z

    1920x1080 fps lag

    hello there I'm new here , I'm having trouble with a streaming pc. When I stream at 1080 60fps the stream lags but obs studio won't mark any dropped frames or anything like that... I stream at 4,000 as bitrate and it lags even on 2,000 I play warzone on my gaming pc and even with roblox at...