OBS Log Analyzer Says The log is fine but when im recording i get frame drop


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Windows has a long-standing bug when running multiple monitors at different refresh rates. It was supposedly fixed in the Win10 2004 update (you are on update 2009), but still presents on some systems. It appears you are running 60hz on one monitor, and 120hz on a second monitor.

There are multiple ways to test for this.
-Move OBS to the monitor with your 3D accelerated application/game while recording.
-Right-click the OBS Preview window and Disable Preview.
-Set all attached monitors to run at the same refresh rate.

If doing any of those three fix the problem, you are affected by this Windows bug.
As a side-note, Monitor Capture is the WORST capture method available, and should be avoided if at all possible in favor of a Game Capture and/or discrete Window Captures for each window you want to show on-stream/recording.
I’m trying to stream my ps4 to my capture card capture card to computer which is an amd A10 processor acts fine for preview but once I stream lags like crazy my upload speed is at 10.96 mbps I’ve tried adjusting setting but I just can’t get it to stop lagging and it lags bad I get so much drop frame you skip a whole sentence idk what’s going on I’m using a razed ripsaw hd capture card I don’t game from the pc all I do is stream from it it should be able to handle it