stuttering stream

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    Skipped frames due to rendering lag PLEASE HELP!!!

    I am live streaming not recording. I am having an issue where games will run fine for about (depending on the game) 10 min to 2 hours but mostly around the 10 to 15 min then just major stuttering, so bad that it crashes my gpu unless I stop game play. I have tried to down scale resolutions to...
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    In-Game stutters with OBS only when playing CSGO

    Hello, whenever I stream CSGO with OBS I run into different Issues: If I dont have OBS minimized I feel terrible input lag in-game and have lots of stutters. This persists until I disable preview and minimize OBS. Also I cant have any video (e.g watching my own stream instead of the OBS preview)...
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    Having issues with stuttering and frame drops

    I wanna preface this as this is my first time ever posting to any kind of threads or anything and I apologize if this kind of thing has already been around the block. So I'm trying to play Destiny 2 (Or really any other game) with VSeeFace active (for vtuber things) and I'm noticing rough frame...
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    Stuttering and slow frame issues regardless of obs settings. On Rocket League.

    Hi, I have a big problem with jerks and images that slow down and return to normal, I don't understand where the problem comes from... I can give you my config and my connection. CONFIG: R7 3700x GTX 960 4Go B450 Aorus elite v2 16 Go 2133MHz SSD : 445 Go HDD : 465 Go CONNEXION: Descending ...
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    HELP! Smooth FPS but random Hiccup/stuttering

    Please see referenced video and text; this has been driving me CRAZY! The entire stream is extremely smooth, EXCEPT for every 3-5 seconds, the stream "hiccups" for lack of better term. Looking at my OBS stats, i get about 3 percent "frames missed due to rendering lag" but that's it! not too...
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    High-end PC, but real-time stream does not feel like 60FPS to me and other people watching

    Hello! I've had a certain problem for quite a long time. When watching back a real-time stream on my phone or PC, I can't seem to get a smooth performance out of my stream as everyone else does (it feels a lot better on VODs, so can't really show what I mean by linking one). It feels like the...