Having issues with stuttering and frame drops


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I wanna preface this as this is my first time ever posting to any kind of threads or anything and I apologize if this kind of thing has already been around the block.
So I'm trying to play Destiny 2 (Or really any other game) with VSeeFace active (for vtuber things) and I'm noticing rough frame drops from recordings and the stream itself.
My specs:
Ryzen 9 3900X 12-Core
32GB of RAM
and a 1660ti for my GPU

Any help would be awesome because I was noticing stuttering and the like even when I didn't have VSeeFace active


You'll always be asked to provide a LOG of your recent session or a log a test session.
Details on how to do that are in the link @ my signature.
Once you have a log you can upload it to get a URL, copy that URL and paste it into the Analyzer (also in my signature)
That will diagnose the most immediate issues that need addressing.
Remedy those issues and if you're still having problems with the stuttering then we can look to help.