frame drops

  1. O

    OBS drops over an over

    FIRST OFF, I have read the threads about bit rate and all that, I have reinstalled, switched servers, everything that post says to check and do and your service still drops me. Seriously, I start my stream and less than 30 seconds later it drops me, NOTHING ELSE DROPS NOT THE INTERNET, NOT...
  2. D

    OBS Frame Drop Issue Before Starting any Streams or Recording fixed

    Hey there! I justed wanted to share an issue I encountered and how I resolved it, hoping it might help others facing similar challenges. I'm new to OBS, so please keep that in mind. I noticed significant frame drop problems when "Audio Monitoring" was turned on, with frame rates plummeting to...
  3. R

    Dropping frames an hour into gaming and I don't know why?

    Hi there! This is my firs time posting on here. I keep dropping frames while livestreaming and gaming. The game is not dropping frames, it's only my facecam and I can't figure out why. Can anyone interpret this log file and let know what it might be?
  4. D

    Massive delay (10 min+) an hour into stream. So two days ago my stream randomly started having this problem where I'd be 1-2 hours into stream and all of a sudden BOOM massive frame drops, 1000kpbs, and chat tells me theyre 10+ minutes behind. It is not an internet problem in anyway, i've...
  5. Dyno

    Good internet and PC specs, but bad bitrate

    I've been streaming on Twitch for nearly a year now with no issues, until the beginning of November. Previously I'd have no dropped frames and a stable bitrate. Now my bitrate (which is set to 5k) jumps from 2k all the way to 7k, causing thousands of dropped frames. I have not touched anything...
  6. C

    The gameplay is Smooth, OBS recording is very bad quality + Low FPS

    I have an AMD Ryzen 5 5600X, RTX 3060, I do not know why my quality is so bad, I've tried so many different settings and nothing seems to work for me. The frames are very choppy and nothing is as smooth as my games. I've changed my process priority, and CQP level, tried different encoders, went...
  7. MarxAthium

    OBS Recordings have FPS Drops, yet System is NOT Overloaded?

    OBS Recordings have FPS Drops, Video has Not Smooth/Inconsistent Framerate, yet System is NOT Overloaded/Under Spec? Hello! I've been trying to optimize my OBS Settings for a very long time, currently after years I resolved to have two PCs, one...
  8. F

    duplicate frames in recordings with new PC build

    I built a new PC with the latest hardware in October for 4k60 recording, I started using Shadowplay instead of OBS because it uses less GPU resources. It wasn't until after a few recording sessions that I found out my shadowplay videos had frame dupicates. Bummer, but I'll switch to OBS. Then I...
  9. R

    Gameplay perfect but the recorded is not. Too laggy please help me

    Hellow people, Im trying to record video games but im having issues when doing it, I have played several games like dota 2, warzone, dbd and when I record any of them on ultra I have no issue. when I play shadow of the tomb raider most of the game is just fine but in some parts suddenly It gets...
  10. J

    Dual Pc setup with capture card, getting short intervals of frame drops randomly

    I have recently put together a dual pc setup in an attempt to make streaming a breeze. These are my specs: Gaming PC: Rtx 3070ti Ryzen 7 5800x 32GB 3600mhz CL16 1tb 970 evo plus, 2tb sn850x B550 msi gaming plus Streaming PC: Gtx 1660 Ryzen 7 2700x 16gb 3200mhz CL16 1tb m.2 Crucial P3 X470 msi...
  11. r_ad

    screen tearing in-game but only when obs is open (minecraft)

    basically, whenever I'm using obs I have to make sure to minimize before opening Minecraft java edition otherwise, the 2 programs will interfere with each other causing mouse lag and screen tearing. this is also probably because I only have one monitor. if I had 2 I could put each program on...
  12. R

    used to run smooth streams, now I'm dropping frames when streaming/recording.

    This issue has come up recently. it hasn't happened at all until recently, been able to record/stream, even do both at times with no issues with frame dropping, until a week and a half ago, I've now started suffering from frame drops. I have a killer pc that can perform these task at once and...
  13. zachattack12

    Frame drops in the preview window when using a Capture card.

    Hello, I use an Elgato HD60 Pro internal capture card to stream and record console games for my youtube channel But I'm having frame drops in the preview window. The reason I think the problem may be OBS and not the card itself is that the TV I use to hear the game sound during...
  14. S

    Frame drops when using OBS

    Hey everyone, first time posting here and I'm out of options. To give a bit of background I've been using OBS 27 and the NDI plugin to stream using two machines for a while now and they work perfectly. A few days ago I updated my OBSs to 28 as well as my NDI to 4.10, however, the audio output...
  15. S

    Trouble With Frames Dropping While Streaming to YouTube

    I've been having this issue when going live on YouTube where my frames sometimes instantly drop, as soon as I start my scheduled stream or any stream, my frames instantly drop rapidly. I usually just end the stream and start up again, and if my frames don't instantly drop, then I don't drop any...
  16. U

    Stuttering in recordings but there's no actual frame drops

    Hey guys. I've gone through a lot of threads with possible solutions to my problem but I can't find a fix for it and I'm kind of desparate now... I've tried every single combination, codec and video format for recording a video with OBS and every single time the result is a video with...
  17. J

    OBS Dropped Frames between 50-70% while using VPN

    Hello, I'm trying to use VPN for my games but I want to use my normal internet for OBS streaming. How is that possible? I'm streaming on Twitch. Thank you
  18. S

    Best settings for recording a 4k source while keeping a steady framerate?

    I have a 4k monitor and want to use the replay buffer to clip things, ut enabling it nerfs my framerate from a consistent 60fps down to 30-40. And if I try to set the recording resolution to 1080p, it still slows down my game. I want to play in 4k and be able to clip things, but I don't care a...
  19. J

    Can anyone give me recommendations to fix frame lag in recordings? I'm at my wits' end

    So I'm trying to record gameplay and my camera at the same time but keeping both in full resolution (3,840 x 1,080 canvas) and using separate audio tracks so I can then edit them easily. I have changed a lot of settings but I still get a few skipped frames, which wouldn't be much of an issue if...
  20. B

    Periodic Frame Drops when Recording Console Gameplay

    Hey all, new here and pretty new to obs. hoping someone can help. like the thread title says, I'm experiencing occasional frame drops when recording gameplay from my ps5. does not seem to matter what is happening in game. whether I've got control over the character and action or if it's...