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  1. H

    Question / Help Inconsistent, high percentage frame drops streaming on Mixer FTL

    Hi, I've recently built a new rig and have been trying my hand at streaming on it. I've been using OBS on and off for years so I'm no stranger to streaming gameplay, but I'm really running into some problems recently that have been making my stream unwatchable. I get anywhere from 12%-20% frame...
  2. H

    Question / Help Bitrate always drops when streaming but upload speed is stable

    Hey, i'm having a weird issue here and i really hope you guys can help me solve it. I live in Tunisia (north africa) and i stream on twitch (Europe: France, Paris), the problem is whenever i stream, the bitrate just drops out of nowhere, i've only streamed around 10 times so far and i've had low...
  3. B

    Question / Help Dropping frames in OBS studio please help

    So I just got this new computer and I have looked up all the videos and did all the stream test and still can't get a stable 60 fps in obs mainly in apex, I get high fps in game its just the fps the viewers would see cant stay at 60. I have a i9-9900k and a rtx 2060 and 16gb of ram. I'v tested...
  4. C

    Question / Help Encoding Overloaded Frame Drops Error (PLEASE HELP)

    I don't know what's been going on as of late with my OBS application, I've been streaming for many months using OBS and it's been fine, absolutely zero FPS drops. Lately however, I can't go five minutes without FPS drops! It seems to only happen when I'm on my main gaming screen, but it's never...
  5. F

    Question / Help I'm having an issue from 21.0.1 to 23.0.1

    Hi OBS team, there are two questions in this post I've been using your program for years, I'm currently using 21.0.1 720p 60 fps to Twitch I read the updates for the newest build and felt excited to try it, when I switched over I ran the same settings and I'm running into issues. The 23...
  6. S

    Question / Help Stream lag (Stream state= red)

    Hi Guys. I have a problem with OBS Studio. When I stream I always have a very big frame loss. I play over my PC and stream with my laptop (Avermedia Capture Card) I have a 10k upload. Laptop: (GTX 1050, Intel Core i5 - 3,8 Ghz, 8GB RAM) Can someone help me?
  7. P

    Question / Help Im at my Wits End. Frame Drop Problem.

    Ok, I seriously can't figure this out. It was working fine before I updated my graphics card driver to 417.71. now everytime I stream it won't stop dropping frames. I have tried everything in the Universal Post and still no dice. Different servers, different bitrates. it doesn't matter what...
  8. phantomalpha

    Question / Help frame drops

    when I'm recording cs or any other games obs is fine framewise but when I'm recording rainbow six it turns into an animation stop motion the CPU does not reach the peek and if it did I did the same with GPU and the same thing happened (both of them didn't reach peek) and I have a decent setup...
  9. S

    Question / Help Lots of frame loss while recording and streaming

    Good evening all. I'm very new to this so bare with me. I'm looking to stream and record at the same time, but when i do, there is a lot of frame loss during the stream, and waaaay more on the recording. There are multiple sections in the log file where it shows loss of 62%, 16.5%, 16.4%, and...
  10. M

    Question / Help Massive FPS Drops For The Entire Scene In Either Display Or Game Capture Mode

    hi, ive been looking through forums and watching videos all night and none of them seem to help with my issue, game capture was working perfectly than about three days ago when i tried to stream layers of fear there were massive fps drops in the game and every other game. my webcam and game...
  11. P

    Question / Help 20mbps up, constant 5%+ frame drops

    So I've been streaming on and off for a long time now, and every time when I come back my internet doesn't cooperate. Every time my ISP insists it's not them. Eventually it works again, but it takes a month or longer to resolve the issues. I run on a wired connection from a nighthawk R7000, get...
  12. F

    Question / Help Frame drops

    I have used elgato with my obs for awhile now to record my switch, it used to be able to handle 30 fps on 3 hours streams and no frame drops, but recently it been dropping about 5-17% on my 1 hour streams, and I don't understand why I have tried changing the settings, restarting my pc...
  13. W

    Question / Help OBS keeps going red then green, and repeats.

    OBS use to work fine. I stream to twitch, but also tried smashcast. Both drop frames. They go from green to red and back. Tried different servers, lowering bitrate, getting a new modem from ISP. We have a tech coming on the 26th, but wondering if this is OBS or my internet. I attached some pics...
  14. DKRecords

    Question / Help (Dedicated Streaming PC) 1950x Threadripper Random Frame Drops. (All Presets)

    Just Picked A Threadripper 1950x Streaming Works Good For The Most Part. But I Have Been Having An Issue I Cant Really Pin Down. I Will Get Random Frame Drop Of One Or 2 Frames(Sometimes More) At Random Times. Seems To Happen The More I Push The CPU Presets Up. But Happens On Very Fast All The...
  15. HotelCharliHill

    Question / Help NDI Source Plugin 2 PC Streaming, Black Ops 4

    Hi everyone, thanks for all your help as usual. Reading threads here led me to NDI Source Plugin so that I could finally stream my 1440p gaming to my streaming PC which is a much older monitor (and AverMedia LGHD2 capture card is limited to 1080p at 60Hz). I'm playing games at 1440p @ 144Hz and...
  16. T

    Question / Help Game Capture Frame Drops

    I seem to always have issues playing games on OBS where it drops frames. Not sure how to correct this and searched around a lot. It's an odd thing because the games I play will set everything to Ultra settings and then when I go to play it and capture it on OBS it won't stay on 60 fps and will...
  17. PBoroGamer

    Question / Help Unexplained audio latency (SOLVED)

    Hey guys hope all is well with you all today! :) I'm having some issues with recording games recently and I'm wondering if someone with a little more knowledge can help me work out the issue(s). So basically my games had been recording perfectly fine until a few weeks ago where I would...
  18. T

    Question / Help My OBS Studio recordings is laggy

    I updated my Windows to the new October update and my OBS Studio recordings started to lag a lot and a lot of frame drops. Tried to reinstall obs studio but din\t work. I have the same settings as before. Settings--------------------------------------------------------- NVENC H.264 CBR 25000...
  19. S

    Question / Help Frame drops due to rendering lag.

    Hello guys, im getting this trouble when using x264 codec for streaming and cant understand whats wrong with that. BTW, there is no such a problem with h264. Ask you for help please. CPU: Ryzen 2700x GPU: R9 380 RAM: 8gbx2 Samsung 3200Mhz
  20. G

    Question / Help HD60S framerate tanks in OBS, even at 30fps.

    Self explanatory title. Been working on this for awhile. -tried changing the graphics processor for both GCHD and OBS in the NVIDIA Control Panel -changed the encoder and decoder in GCHD -quality setting changing -stuff Here's a video of it happening...