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  1. F

    Question / Help Frame drops

    I have used elgato with my obs for awhile now to record my switch, it used to be able to handle 30 fps on 3 hours streams and no frame drops, but recently it been dropping about 5-17% on my 1 hour streams, and I don't understand why I have tried changing the settings, restarting my pc...
  2. W

    Question / Help OBS keeps going red then green, and repeats.

    OBS use to work fine. I stream to twitch, but also tried smashcast. Both drop frames. They go from green to red and back. Tried different servers, lowering bitrate, getting a new modem from ISP. We have a tech coming on the 26th, but wondering if this is OBS or my internet. I attached some pics...
  3. DKRecords

    Question / Help (Dedicated Streaming PC) 1950x Threadripper Random Frame Drops. (All Presets)

    Just Picked A Threadripper 1950x Streaming Works Good For The Most Part. But I Have Been Having An Issue I Cant Really Pin Down. I Will Get Random Frame Drop Of One Or 2 Frames(Sometimes More) At Random Times. Seems To Happen The More I Push The CPU Presets Up. But Happens On Very Fast All The...
  4. HotelCharliHill

    Question / Help NDI Source Plugin 2 PC Streaming, Black Ops 4

    Hi everyone, thanks for all your help as usual. Reading threads here led me to NDI Source Plugin so that I could finally stream my 1440p gaming to my streaming PC which is a much older monitor (and AverMedia LGHD2 capture card is limited to 1080p at 60Hz). I'm playing games at 1440p @ 144Hz and...
  5. T

    Question / Help Game Capture Frame Drops

    I seem to always have issues playing games on OBS where it drops frames. Not sure how to correct this and searched around a lot. It's an odd thing because the games I play will set everything to Ultra settings and then when I go to play it and capture it on OBS it won't stay on 60 fps and will...
  6. PBoroGamer

    Question / Help Unexplained audio latency (SOLVED)

    Hey guys hope all is well with you all today! :) I'm having some issues with recording games recently and I'm wondering if someone with a little more knowledge can help me work out the issue(s). So basically my games had been recording perfectly fine until a few weeks ago where I would...
  7. T

    Question / Help My OBS Studio recordings is laggy

    I updated my Windows to the new October update and my OBS Studio recordings started to lag a lot and a lot of frame drops. Tried to reinstall obs studio but din\t work. I have the same settings as before. Settings--------------------------------------------------------- NVENC H.264 CBR 25000...
  8. S

    Question / Help Frame drops due to rendering lag.

    Hello guys, im getting this trouble when using x264 codec for streaming and cant understand whats wrong with that. BTW, there is no such a problem with h264. Ask you for help please. CPU: Ryzen 2700x GPU: R9 380 RAM: 8gbx2 Samsung 3200Mhz
  9. G

    Question / Help HD60S framerate tanks in OBS, even at 30fps.

    Self explanatory title. Been working on this for awhile. -tried changing the graphics processor for both GCHD and OBS in the NVIDIA Control Panel -changed the encoder and decoder in GCHD -quality setting changing -stuff Here's a video of it happening...
  10. S

    Question / Help OBS frame loss/low fps when recording and streaming and encoding overload

    It happens whenever I play a game or something (whilst recording). In the preview window and on the bottom right hand side of obs, I am told that I have 60fps and when I am playing the game, I'm playing it at 100+ fps, but when I go back and look at the recording/stream, it looks like I am...
  11. T

    Question / Help Fast internet but still getting frame drops

    Hey guys i ive been streaming on youtube for about 2 years never had problems my intetnet speed was 10 megabytes up and 100 down. Then i moved to a new house and i upgraded to 20 up 300 down, so the problem im having is my upload is super unstable no matter where i put the bitrate it will drop...
  12. Lilrex

    Bug Report Locked to 43.96 fps update 22.0.x

    I did the update to version 22 today and now I am locked at 43.96 fps when output fps is set to 60, and 22.48 when i set it to 30. is anyone else having this issue?
  13. V

    Question / Help Encoding Lag with Server

    Hello together, i dont know anymore what am i doing wrong :D So to the explanation: I have 2 Computer, my gaming rig where i run the first instance of obs, and then my server where i run the second obs instance, and i stream between those two via the NDI plugin I stream to twitch via my server...
  14. I

    Question / Help OBS frame & Quality drop

    To put it simply, I was streaming on OBS last week and with my current settings and everything was fine Green Box and 0.00% frame drop. On the weekend my connection to twitch server and upload was down. Yesterday everything looked great ... but the stream was crashing miserably and close to 95%...
  15. M

    Question / Help Please Tell Me What is Wrong With My Stream

    Ok, so I was using Stream Labs for a few months with no issues at all. After one of their updates, all of a sudden my stream was dropping frames (I think) like crazy. I switched over to OBS now and it is doing the same thing. Can't figure out what the issue is and wondering why this just started...
  16. A

    Question / Help Problem with Lost Lines in Recordings with H.264 Codec

    Good morning, I've been recording for years and it's the first time this happens to me, a few weeks ago suddenly out of nowhere recording began to come out vertical lines like lost frames in the recordings ... but only appear in the recordings, while game is not seen on the screen or in the...
  17. I

    Question / Help I need help with stuttering and lags

    So at first i wanted to start streaming got obs and tried to stream the video was stuttering can't really explain it it would skip like a couple a frames load a frame skip load and continue like that and i thought it was my network that was pretty bad lowered everything the lag wouldnt stop so i...
  18. T

    Question / Help VERY weird issue with NDI and streaming.

    I really need some help, basically i have been streaming for just over a month now with a high quality stream 900p 60FPS 4300BitRate using NDI to allow my gaming laptop to do all the encoding for me to twitch so it allows my games to become lag free etc. But for some reason about 3 days ago now...
  19. D


    So basically I can stream with OBS or with Shadowplay. I prefer OBS much more, but when it comes to streaming, Shadowplay does the Job better in terms of quality and I don´t fully understand why Here are my Shadowplay settings: And here are my OBS settings: I CAN´T UNDERSTAND why...
  20. T

    Question / Help My OBS doesn't want to stay at 30fps when I click other windows that isn't OBS.

    Hello there. I'm kinda new with the OBS but I had an OBS that actually can record all my games. I recently update to windows 10 home and I'm trying to record new videos in World of Wacraft and Fortnite, just for fun but at the moment I click in the game or other windows my OBS frames drop from...