frame drops

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    Question / Help Recommended Video Encoder Settings?

    So when I stream on twitch using not even high settings via hardware encoder. I'm ending up with still an encoder error. This is my system here: CybertronPC Electrum QS-A6 - MDT - A6 7400K 3.5 GHz with 16gigs of ram XFX AMD RX 550 4gb Graphics card. My internet upload is more than sufficient...
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    Question / Help Bitrate Inconsistency. Log included

    Hello, I am a twitch streamer and lately have been having problems with my bitrate through OBS. Most times I am fine and then occasionally I will start to bleed frames with my bitrate jumping around. If I switch to a less intensive game and a lower bitrate setting I can prevent the frame loss...
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    Question / Help Fps freez when moving mouse

    I am attempting to record PLAYERUNKNOW'S BATTLEGROUNDS, but it seems that when I love my mouse the recording freezes until I stop. In the menu screen there is a generic repeating animation playing which recording smoothly if my mouse is not moving on that screen, but when I move my mouse the...
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    Question / Help Why am I dropping frames?

    I drop frames when I play games on stream. I was wondering If i'm dropping frames because of my computer or my internet.