Question / Help Fps freez when moving mouse

Jaffa Cakes

New Member
I am attempting to record PLAYERUNKNOW'S BATTLEGROUNDS, but it seems that when I love my mouse the recording freezes until I stop.

In the menu screen there is a generic repeating animation playing which recording smoothly if my mouse is not moving on that screen, but when I move my mouse the recording freezes until I stop moving it again.

I have tried increasing OBS priority to the maximum and I have also tried to disable mouse capture but this doesn't seem to work.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated, if you need any further details please don't hesitate to ask, I didn't include any logs or anything due to this problem only happening when I move my mouse in-game and that it records fine at 1080p 60fps without mouse movement.

P.S. if I am moving my mouse on my second screen, the recording does not freeze.