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Hello together, i dont know anymore what am i doing wrong :D

So to the explanation:
I have 2 Computer, my gaming rig where i run the first instance of obs, and then my server where i run the second obs instance, and i stream between those two via the NDI plugin

I stream to twitch via my server while everything else obs related happens on my PC, then why does it lag you ask? i dunno either
My server specs are:
2 x Xeon E5620 (all in all 8 cores and 16 threads)
24GB of RAM
Amd R7 250x GPU
Ethernet connection of 1Gbit

thats not the worst i would say, so when i stream on the preset slower my server has an overall cpu usage of around 35-40% CPU and 25% on the GPU, but obs says anyways that the encoding is lagging behind and it drops frames

If i put it on slow, i can actually put a gif on with flurring colors and what not that should use alot of power, and OBS will actually use then 90% CPU or more, and not dropping any frames

my settings are:
CBR 1400kbit/s (no better internet aviable until yet)
30FPS @ 720p without scaling (that scaling does my gaming pc)
keyframe is on 2
profile is high

no i dont want to lower FPS or the 1400kbit, since that would make the video just meh and stuttering and just not as nicely fluid and i mean it should work since it works on slow too

the log is here :

thanks already for reading this!


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Not much point in using slow. Go for medium or even fast. Going up from fast eats CPU for a very marginal quality increase.

Your attempts at slow and slower are dropping a small amount of frames due to CPU overload, according to your log.

Your attempt at slower and a bitrate of 1400 shows lag due to insufficient bandwidth? 1400 is really low to start with...

  1. 11:32:48.097: Output 'adv_stream': Number of dropped frames due to insufficient bandwidth/connection stalls: 710 (87.1%)


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well this 80% framedrop was a test with a different buffersize, the 1400 is the maximum i can do since i just have 16k internet here

so it actually isnt really amking alot of difference between slow and slower?


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See here:
Slower needs 2,6 times more computing time than slow, but produces files only 0,99 times smaller (1%). That's not worth any effort. All presets "better" than faster only produce up to 5% better than faster, by using double and triple the CPU power.

All boils down to this rule of thumb for streaming:
1. use x264 "faster", if your CPU can afford it. Use better presets only, if you have CPU cycles to waste.
2. use NVENC otherwise
3. use x264 "veryfast" if you don't have NVENC and your CPU can afford it
4. use Quicksync otherwise
5. use AMD VCE otherwise
6. use x264 superfast or ultrafast only, if you neither have NVENC, Quicksync, AMD VCE nor your CPU supports a better x264 preset

For recording, the rule is a bit different:
1. use NVENC (CQP), if you have it
2. use Quicksync (ICQ) otherwise, if you have it
3. use x264 (crf) with a preset your CPU can afford
4. use AMD VCE if you don't have a x264 preset your CPU can afford
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