Question / Help VERY weird issue with NDI and streaming.


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I really need some help, basically i have been streaming for just over a month now with a high quality stream 900p 60FPS 4300BitRate using NDI to allow my gaming laptop to do all the encoding for me to twitch so it allows my games to become lag free etc. But for some reason about 3 days ago now whenever i use NDI to stream to twitch i get a massive amount of dropped frames 60-90% and my KB/S ranges from 0-1200 going up and down up and down. Now when i stream without using NDI its fine but i still get the natural input lag from streaming and gaming at the same time. I've reset the router multiple times changed settings in twitch around changed from CPU to GPU encoding and nothing seems to be working, i do recall my internet going down for maintenance a few days ago but cant remember if i was able to stream with NDI after this maintenance, but should that even effect me seeing as i can stream without NDI? Someone please help me, this is frustrating the hell out of me. Thanks in advance <3 this community.