Question / Help I'm having an issue from 21.0.1 to 23.0.1


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Hi OBS team, there are two questions in this post

I've been using your program for years, I'm currently using 21.0.1 720p 60 fps to Twitch

I read the updates for the newest build and felt excited to try it, when I switched over I ran the same settings and I'm running into issues.

The 23. build isn't holding 60 fps for me with the same settings as I run in 21.0.1, dropping down to even 45 often. Any help would be appreciated.

I stream daily so I've currently uninstalled 23.0.1 - If a log is required I'll try it again later this week.

My second issue / question is about streaming in surround sound, playing a battle royale I'd love for my viewers to be able to hear what I do.
Anytime I switch from stereo output to 5.1 or 7.1, the viewers say my voice is distorted and that audio sounds strange. Have there been any other reports of this?
Astro a40 TR's + amp is what I'm running for sound.