obs 23.0.1

  1. Veeti Gaming

    Question / Help What are the best settings for my obs please read the specs

    Please tell me what are the best options for obs in this specs: • Graphics Card - Asus GeForce GTX 1070 STRIX 8GB • Processor - Intel core i5 8600k • Ram - G.Skill 16GB Trident Z RGB, DDR4 3200MHz • Motherboard - Asus ROG Strix H370-F Gaming • Powersupply - Corsair 650W VS650 • Water Cooler -...
  2. R

    Question / Help OBS settings for my PC

    Hello, I wanna set up my OBS to match my PC specs: since Im not good at it: - GTX 960 2GB - Intel Core I5 6400 2.80Ghz - 8 GB RAM - 1 TB HDD - Internet Speed: 1GB/s I want to stream: League Of Legends, CS:GO, The Forest, GTA V. Tell me if you need to know more about my PC.
  3. T

    Question / Help Final Cut Pro X

    Hi, I'm trying to stream Final Cut Pro to show my viewers how i edit my videos that I do for work... When using window capture it is extremely laggy which, for video editing is a huge problem. There is Display capture, or course, however that shows a little unprofessional because you then show...
  4. S

    Question / Help OBS Will Not Open

    Hello, I have spent a couple days trying to work through this. I remember OBS working a long while back, but I haven't used it in well over half a year. I wanted to use it the other day and encountered this issue. When I click onto OBS to open it, it will load for a bit as if it is trying to...
  5. F

    Question / Help OBS Studio with CAMLINK4K w/ Sony a6300 FPS drop when OBS open!

    Hey guys. I have an issue with OBS Studio with a CAMLINK4K w/ Sony a6300. Everytime I open OBS Studios with the Camera connected and with a video capture source enabled, counterstrike global offensive has a sudden 100fps drop, making the game quite unplayable. I would like to see if there is...
  6. I

    Question / Help OBS makes game looking choppy but FPS is fine

    Hey, so recently i have been having this issue with obs (version 23.1.0). Whenever obs is open (doesn't even have to be recording) my game feels incredibly choppy however I still get high fps(I use game capture). I also use Nvenc new encoding. The problem only occurs when obs is open. And the...
  7. NuriLa

    Question / Help [GER] OBS Studio verliert oftmals Verbindung zu Stream..

    Hallo liebe Community, ich Streame schon länger auf Twitch und hatte auch noch nie Probleme mit meinem OBS Gehabt. Bis zu dieser Woche. Seit Anfang der Woche habe ich das eine Problem, was sich einfach nicht lösen lässt. Wenn ich anfange zu Streamen verliert OBS direkt die Verbindung und kann...
  8. F

    Question / Help lags

    why i have lags on my video? i want to recording cs go 4:3, i trying do normal video 3th days. I have 1080 ti, my comp isnt weak. help me pls..
  9. S

    Question / Help Getting rendering lag using NDI when recording/streaming

    Hi, I am trying to use NDI to stream my gameplay for recording/streaming to a secondary PC on my network. I am getting a shit ton of rendering lag on OBS on my gaming pc. There is no encoding lag from what i can see. This is my setup and how i connect the devices. Game PC: Motherboard...
  10. J

    OBS does not Start Stream Or let me record

    One Day as if nothing, I mark the following error, does anyone know how to fix it? I have a Pc with a i3 6100 and a RX 460 4GB Unhandled exception: c0000005 Date/Time: 2019-03-24, 21:28:33 Fault address: 7FF8553A0819...
  11. S

    Question / Help NVENC режет битрейт

    Доброго времени суток, уже не знаю куда и обратиться. В общем последние две недели начались проблемы с битрейтом, режется вдвое - ставлю 15к (стримил так с 2015-го года) - максимум 8к отдает, тут же ставлю 8к - отдает максимум 5к и так далее, естественно пишет что лаги и прочее. никаких обнов...
  12. F

    Question / Help I'm having an issue from 21.0.1 to 23.0.1

    Hi OBS team, there are two questions in this post I've been using your program for years, I'm currently using 21.0.1 720p 60 fps to Twitch I read the updates for the newest build and felt excited to try it, when I switched over I ran the same settings and I'm running into issues. The 23...
  13. R

    Question / Help High encoding and frame drops after the latest patch

    Hey guys, I’m new here so bare with me. OBS studio has been running perfectly fine for me since I installed it 2-3 years ago, perfect 60 FPS no drops and no encoding issues. But since after this latest update my stream drops to about 50-55 fps (which shows on stream) and I get the odd high...
  14. J

    Question / Help Issue: Green Screen When Streaming to Twitch

    Hello Everyone! Today I streamed Anthem. When I would start the stream, everything looked fine on the preview, and on Twitch. Then for some reason, the stream on Twitch became just a green screen even though my preview still looked fine and the viewers could hear me. I restarted the stream, and...
  15. tjxwork

    Bug Report OBS multi-track recording, tracks and pictures are not synchronized

    First of all, I am sorry, my English is very poor. My OBS recorded video, recorded 6 tracks, and had 5 sound sources. The first track mixes 5 sound sources, and the remaining 5 tracks correspond to 5 sound sources. The sound of the first track is half a second earlier than the picture, and the...
  16. S

    Bug Report OBS crashing when setting video parameters

    I am using: OBS 23.0.1 (64bit, windows) Windows 10 Pro 64bit (latest version 10.0.17763.348) Avermedia Extremecap U3 CV710 (with the latest drivers ( In OBS, I added a Video Capture Device in Sources. For this capture device I need to change the audio source, so I need to access...
  17. SpyderHunter03

    Question / Help OBS 23 Python Crash

    I am not able to get python run appropriately for scripting. Every time I set the python directory I get OBS to crash. https://obsproject.com/logs/NKnqjEMVID7mPNg2 I have OBS installed on a drive different than C: (It is installed on G: drive), but I installed Python on both the C: drive AND...
  18. E

    Bug Report [23.0.1 nvEnc] High CPU usage by Windows User Mode Driver Framework when OBS is open

    I recently upgraded to a 2070 from a 1070 to take advantage of the new nvEnc. Prior to upgrading to the 2070 I was seeing much better CPU utilization with nvEnc and OBS.. Usually a total usage of Windows User Mode Driver Framework & OBS together using of around 6-11% CPU utilization Once I...
  19. J

    Question / Help OBS Choppy Video.

    Here is a link to a video on what is exactly going on: https://youtu.be/f_rX5Faa8ZY The first video I show in it is from today, and the second was back in February when my issue was perfectly fine. I'm so lost and confused on why this is happening again and why in general is continues to happen...
  20. findzy

    Question / Help OBS acting fine but stream has cut out!

    Hay guys, So my issue is as follows, OBS is running smoothly on both PC's.. I run an NDI setup without a capture card but my stream cuts out with no warning... The only reason I find out is because I run the stream on my TV to check quality and see that I'm suddenly not live. I then hit stop...